28 June 2023

As Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is released, explore 8 intriguing facts about Harrison Ford

28 June 2023

1. Not many people are aware that Ford was a carpenter before starring in Hollywood. It was during his work at George Lucas's house when Lucas chose him to play the iconic role of Han Solo.

2. Harrison Ford was born on July 13, 1942, in Chicago. Today, he is best known for his roles in blockbuster movies like 'Star Wars' and the 'Indiana Jones' series, but his success did not come instantly.

3. Ford is not only an actor but also an aviation enthusiast. He is a certified private pilot of both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Despite having been involved in a few aviation accidents, Ford's enthusiasm for flying has never faltered.

4. Adding to his list of skills and interests, Ford is also a stalwart environmental advocate. His dedication to conservation work has been recognized globally, earning him the Jules Verne Spirit of Nature Award.

5. An interesting anecdote about Ford involves a small eight-legged creature. A species of spider has been named after him, the 'Calponia harrisonfordi,' as a tribute to his work in environmental conservation.

6. A scar on Ford's chin marks an incident from his past. This scar is a result of a car accident Ford had when he was just twenty years old.

7. In addition to his acting prowess, Ford is known to do most of his film stunts himself. This dedication arguably makes the action scenes in his movies more believable and thrilling.

8. In addition to his Hollywood fame, Ford has also lent his voice to several documentaries and video games, showing his versatility as an actor.

Without a doubt, Harrison Ford's life is filled with little known facts that make him even more fascinating. From a carpenter turned actor to an avid pilot and environmentalist, Ford's life off-screen is as dynamic as his roles on-screen.

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