27 December 2021

Henry Cavill takes seven-year-old nephew to school after he’s teased for saying he ‘knows’ Superman

27 December 2021

Actor Henry Cavill has proved that he is the coolest uncle ever after he stepped in to help his nephew who was being teased at school for claiming that he “knew” Superman.

Shortly after Cavill was cast as the Man of Steel, his excited nephew Thomas, who was then seven, went to school dressed as Superman which is when the trouble started.

Recalling the episode during a chat show appearance, The Witcher star, 38, said: “My nephew Thomas was so super excited... he ran to school. Now keep in mind Thomas has got a great reputation for telling stories and just making up stuff to the teacher [at school].”

“So he goes to school dressed in a Superman outfit, because you know he’s all pumped, because his uncle is Superman.

“And the teacher says, ‘Thomas why are you wearing this? You’re not supposed to wear this to school.’

“He says, ‘Well, because my uncle is Superman,’ and she’s [the teacher] like, ‘Oh okay,’ and she pulls him aside... he got in trouble. [She was like] ‘this is sad.’”

When Thomas’ mother found out about the bullying, she made a call to brother-in-law Cavill and asked if he could find time in his busy schedule to take the youngster to school one day.

Cavill happily obliged and walked with Thomas to his school in front of all his classmates, including those who teased him and undoubtedly a foolish feeling teacher too.

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