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07 December 2021

Octavia Spencer claims her house is haunted and she and the ghost have ‘boundaries’

07 December 2021

Octavia Spencer believes that her home is haunted by the spirit of an unnamed Western movie star.

The Oscar-winning actress, 51, opened up about her paranormal housemate during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and said while she “loves” it, the ghost and her do have “boundaries”.

Spencer reportedly purchased the Spanish-style, three-bedroom property located in Toluca Lake, California, in 2013.

Describing the ghost as her “protector,” she explained: “I grew up watching Westerns and I bought this house, and it was owned by a guy who did Westerns and I must have been a fan of his. I think he is my protector.

“I love him because he kind of sorts out the bad people that shouldn’t be there. He runs them out. If they stay at my place they don’t want to come back.

“And that’s how I know that they don’t belong there because if you’re a person that belongs there everybody is like, Oh your place is so welcoming, it’s so great,’” she added.

Asked if the ghost ever caused any disturbances, the Hidden Figures star claimed that the spook can act a bit “shady” if she leaves for long periods of time.

“The doors close, the lights go off when I turn them on,” she claimed.

For anyone hoping to come over and visit, there’s just one rule that you need to remember - no other ghosts are allowed.

Giving the lowdown on this important detail to a bemused-looking DeGeneres, 63, she said: “I love my ghost. I just don’t want you bringing your ghost to my house. I don’t want anybody’s ghost thinking they can be friends with my ghost. Because my ghost can haunt me, but he doesn’t haunt me. We have boundaries.”

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