31 October 2023

Supermodel Heidi Klum’s most elaborate Halloween costumes over the years

31 October 2023

The undisputed queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum never fails to make headlines with her spooky season costume – and throws a Halloween bash every year for her A-list friends.

Even though there’s plenty of competition from celebrities trying to outdo each other with their frightening get-ups and homages to fictional characters, the German supermodel  always steals the show, with the help of special-effects make-up artist Mike Marino, owner of Prosthetic Renaissance.

Ahead of her annual extravaganza, these are some of Heidi Klum’s most weird and wonderful Halloween costumes over the years.

2011: Ape

Inspired by classic movie Planet of the Apes, in 2011 Klum wore an incredibly realistic looking chimpanzee suit, the first of two costumes that year.

2011: Human body

Her second costume of 2011 saw the supermodel wheeled onto the red carpet on a hospital bed wearing a gruesome skinless body suit.

2013: Old lady

Undergoing her most elaborate prosthetics transformation to date, Klum was almost unrecognisable with wrinkled skin, grey hair and her old lady outfit.

2015: Jessica Rabbit

Many people have dressed up as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween, but Klum took it to the extreme, with body and face prosthetics to create the cartoon character’s distinctive look.

2016: Heidi Klum

Possibly the most meta Halloween costume ever, in 2016 Heidi Klum dressed up as… Heidi Klum. Or rather, she ‘cloned’ herself by dressing five women up in identical outfits with hair, make-up and prosthetics to match.

2018: Princess Fiona

Going green in 2018, Klum dressed up as Princess Fiona, the character voiced by Cameron Diaz in the Shrek movies, with boyfriend (now husband) Tom Kaulitz joining her as Shrek.

2019: Alien

Klum allowed fans to watch her 13-hour transformation into a creepy cyber alien 2019, which took place in the window of the Amazon Prime bookstore in New York.

2022: Worm

Back with a bang after two years of at-home costumes during the pandemic, Klum donned a slimy-looking worm costume in 2023, the supermodel joined on the red carpet by Kaulitz dressed as a fisherman.

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