05 May 2020

The best of Love Island seasons 1-6: favourite moments, who's still together and those unforgettable clips

There's no Love Island this summer as producers reluctantly had to pull the plug on filming, which means fans of the show will have to wait until next year for their favourite reality TV fix.

So, to soften the blow and give you something to while away the lockdown hours, we look back at the highs - and lows - of the first six seasons.

Here's the NewsChain guide to Love Island, the story so far…

Season 1, 2015

Cally Jane and Luis had the first Love Island baby (PA Images)

When ITV launched the series back in 2015 they had no idea how big it would become!

While there have been some massive arguments over the years, it is difficult to beat the clash between Jess Hayes and Bethany Naylor.

Bethany was a new arrival on the island and soon decided she should let everyone know what viewers had been witnessing, but not the islanders, about Jess's motives for being on the show. Cue kick-off in the villa!

None of the couples remain together, but Cally Jane Beech and Luis Morrison had the first Love Island baby in 2017.

Season 2, 2016

Cara and Nathan are now married with their second child on the way (Instagram: Nathan Massey)

Season two is where the series became a national treasure and cemented itself in ITV's diary.

There was sex, drama and bromances.

One of the best moments of the series came when the producers reunited Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh.

The pair had been coupled up in the villa before Malin was dumped from the Island. They agreed to remain together and Malin waited for Terry on the outside.

However, Terry's head got turned when Emma-Jane Woodhams entered the villa and he coupled up with her. The producers then allowed Malin to talk to Terry in one of the best confrontations the show has seen.

Another memorable moment saw Zara Holland have her Miss Great Britain title taken away from her for having sex in the villa. 

New boy Alex Bowen chose Zara for a date in the hideaway where they ended up sleeping together. Bosses of the show told Zara she'd been stripped of her title - her exit from the villa came soon afterwards.

But which of the couples are still together? There are in fact two left standing from this season, winners Cara Delahoyde and Nathan Massey and runners-up Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland. 

Cara and Nathan broke up for a short period but they have since got back together, got married and are expecting their second child.

Alex and Olivia are now married and are rumoured to be the most successful couple, financially, to come out of Love Island.

Who'd have thought, eh?

Season 3, 2017

Season three is considered by many fans to be the best (Twitter: jfk_20)

Widely viewed as the best series by aficionados, highlights are difficult to choose, but one that stands out is Camilla Thurlow's awkward discussion about feminism with Jonny Mitchell. 

The pair had been getting on well until Jonny said he believed women had more opportunities than men in the UK.

Another moment that has to get a mention and has a gif to mark it - that dive into the pool, Olivia.

While everyone else looked stylish as they entered the water, Olivia gave a whole new meaning to synchronised swimming.

The couples still together from this season are runners-up Camilla and Jamie Jewitt and Dom Lever and Jess Shears.

Camilla and Jamie live together while Dom and Jess are married and have one child together.

Season 4, 2018

Season four was loaded with drama (Twitter: HP Bateman)

Season four saw one of the best returns from Casa Amor and unearthed the biggest player the show had ever seen in Adam Collard.

One of the biggest moments of the season was when Josh Denzel chose Kaz Crossley over Georgia Steel. The move sparked the season's catchphrase, 'I'm loyal babe', and it was one of the most crushing moments in Love Island history.

Josh had been at Casa Amor while Georgia remained at the main villa and they both had to choose whether to stick with each other or to choose a new arrival.

While Georgia chose Josh, he picked new girl Kaz.

A staple of the Love Island season is the baby episode. Producers get couples to look after dolls that act like real babies, but in 2018 Dr Alex George and Jack Fincham raced the babies in buggies to create an iconic reality TV moment.

Dr Alex tripped over on the patio to go crashing to the floor.

It is now viewed as the funniest moment of the baby challenge to date.

No couple from this season are still together.

Season 5, 2019

Season five was the edition that kept us all entertained last summer (Instagram: Love Island)

Maura Higgins' flutters, Ovie Soko saying ‘message’ everytime someone got a text and Michael Griffiths' misdemeanours ruled the roost in this series.

Like Josh's faux pas in 2018, Michael made the same error in season five.

He was coupled up with Amber Gill, who later went on to win the series with Greg O'Shea, but after a visit to Casa Amor he chose Joanna Chimonides.

The death glare she gave Michael and Amber's handling of the situation made her a fan favourite while Michael became the season's villain.

Another classic  moment saw Tom Walker spectacularly mess up an opportunity to spend a night in the hideaway with Maura.

Showing off in front of the other boys in the villa he said ‘I wonder if she’s all mouth', insinuating he was expecting to get physical with Maura and she overheard him.

In true Maura style, she shut him down and the couple never recovered.

The only couple still together are Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, labelled as fake by viewers throughout the show but seemingly, the real thing!

Season 6 2020

The final four couples of 2020 Love Island (PA Images)

In a beak with tradition, this year saw the first winter Love Island.

One of the stand-out moments was provided by Siannise Fudge and Luke Trotman in the dance challenge, which went viral and has been followed by others since the show.

You guessed it, Casa Amor strikes again!

Shaughna Phillips and Callum Jones were coupled up before they were separated and Callum came back with Molly Smith.

Unfortunately for Shaughna, she chose to stick with Callum which left her broken-hearted.

The majority of the couples from the latest edition are still together but hey, it's early days! 

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