02 May 2020

The nation's PE teacher Joe Wicks spends the night in hospital on a drip as he awaits surgery on hand

Joe Wicks has spent the night in hospital on a drip after being admitted with a ‘throbbing’ infected hand that requires surgery.

The Body Coach, who has recently been dubbed ‘The nation’s PE teacher' with his daily fitness videos, shared the admission news with fans adding that the operation should take place on Sunday.

He shared the news of his admission on instagram (Instagram: @Thebodycoach)

Speaking from his Kingston hospital bed, the 33-year-old said: "They aren't able to do the operation today, they have other patients in the queue.

"They are a bit slower with certain things so I'm staying tonight. 

"They're going to give me some nice morphine, and some antibiotics on the drip-a-roo. In the morning, hopefully first thing, I'll be having the wires taken out."

He admitted he was in extreme pain, later adding: "I tell you what, this infection is no joke. I've had codeine up to my eyeballs. They gave me liquid morphine, but it ain't taking the edge off it. It's throbbing."

Joe shared updates from his hospital bed (Instagram: @thebodycoach)

However, he then added that paracetamol was having a positive impact saying: "I've got a drip of liquid paracetamol. That is absolutely fantastic. Paracetamol IV saves the day for now, almost instant effect and on the pain.

"So glad I'm staying here tonight. I woke up all night last night as it was throbbing and pulsating like liquid hot magma.

"Thanks for all your well wishes. Gonna get a good night's sleep I think."

The fitness coach initially had surgery on the hand in March (Instagram: @thebodycoach)

The infection was on the hand that Wicks initially had surgery on in March, where wires had been inserted.

However, the dedicated fitness coach has vowed to continue his online videos but warned fans he would not be doing any press ups himself.

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