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02 August 2023

Hygiene experts' key takeaway for Merseyside takeaways PLUS more food and drink trends

02 August 2023

Nine Wirral takeaways have received a one-star food hygiene rating this year, signifying 'major improvements' are necessary, according to inspectors from the Food Standards Agency and Wirral Council. Factors such as food handling, safety management, storage, and facility cleanliness are considered during assessments. Businesses are rated from zero, indicating 'urgent improvement required', to five, meaning hygiene standards are 'very good'. Please note, ratings are accurate as of 31 July 2023; some listed venues may be awaiting new inspections and ratings.

Glasgow, with its hundreds of pubs, caters to a diverse range of sub-cultures, yet maintains an endearing nostalgia for classic 'old-school' public houses. Despite the city's modernisation, including stylish gastropubs and trendy restaurants, a significant number of pubs preserving traditional Glaswegian culture remain. Some dating back to the 17th century, these establishments offer an appealing blend of lager, football, and camaraderie. Various lists compile the top old-school pubs in the West End, Southside, and the oldest pubs in Glasgow for those keen on exploring this slice of local heritage.

This month, we honour the best of Glasgow with guides focusing on the unique locals and lively spots invigorating the city. Despite recent challenges, local hospitality exhibits resilience, brimming with fresh, creative concepts. We present a snapshot of prevalent food trends, exceptional flavours, and imaginative drinks by compiling the top 50 food and drink options in Glasgow presently. Consider this an invitation to discover intriguing restaurants, bars, and cafes in Glasgow this summer.

Merseyside boasts a delicious array of Caribbean food outlets offering dishes like Jerk Chicken and Jamaican Goat Curry. High customer ratings and strong food hygiene grades testify to their quality. The top Caribbean restaurants and takeaways, determined using Google reviews and Food Standards Agency hygiene ratings, are listed in alphabetical order. Each listed venue has a minimum of 25 reviews and 4.0 stars. Those awaiting hygiene inspections or without available ratings are excluded.

A Balti, known for its delectable taste packed with spices and herbs, pairs excellently with rice, naans, and rotis. Variations include vegan and vegetarian options. The authentic Birmingham-born recipe has been modified over time, however, some original restaurants still offer the traditional dish. The Balti, both cooked and served in a distinctive pan resembling a smaller kadhai, was introduced in Birmingham by a Pakistani restaurateur over 40 years ago. The Birmingham Balti Bowl Company still manufactures these specific pots. We have listed the top nine Balti restaurants in the city based on their Google reviews.

Italian cuisine enjoys long-standing popularity among Glaswegians, with a plethora of superb eateries offering delectable pasta and pizza. While some establishments have been preparing dishes for decades, others have recently emerged as popular spots. Despite individual preferences, certain restaurants in the city receive the highest ratings on TripAdvisor.

Chinese cuisine enjoys enduring popularity in Glasgow, bolstered by a strong local community. While takeaways are common, for those seeking to dine out, several highly-rated restaurants stand out. Personal preferences vary, but according to TripAdvisor ratings, certain eateries in the city offer the best Chinese dishes.

Founded by Raymond Postgate in 1951, The Good Food Guide is the UK's longest-standing and top-selling dining out guide. It conducts regular and anonymous inspections and offers impartial advice. Members of The Good Food Guide Club can view hundreds of reviews and photographs on their app. The guide presently recommends 14 Glasgow restaurants.

Glasgow boasts a vibrant hospitality scene, particularly its versatile cocktail bars that contribute significantly to its lively nocturnal life. Given the vast number of options available, finding the best cocktails in the city can prove challenging. To aid in your search, consider this list of 12 top cocktail bars in Glasgow, guaranteed to provide an exceptional experience. For more inspiration or guidance on city centre activities, follow the #LoveGlasgow hashtag across social media for updates on events, day and night out ideas this spring.

Glasgow is renowned for its diverse mix of traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine. Celebrated for possibly inventing the world-renowned chicken tikka masala, the city offers a range of venues for those desiring a curry night. According to Google Reviews, the top-rated eateries include Madras Cafe, Chaakoo Bombay Cafe, Mother India Restaurant, The Den: Mother India, Mister Singh’s India, Indian Orchard, Horn Please, Curry Pot, Little Curry House, and in first place, Mother India’s Cafe. These venues invite diners to an incredible culinary adventure with authentic dishes, top-notch services and welcoming atmospheres.

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