Cricket Australia announces pay parity for women in the World T20

Cricket Australia have said they will top up women's winnings to match the men's (PA Images)
14:27pm, Tue 15 Oct 2019
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Cricket Australia (CA) has committed to pay parity for the World T20. If the Aussie women's team win any prize money at any stage of the tournament, the governing body say they will top up the amount to match the men's winnings.

The ICC have announced that the winners of the women's tournament will receive $1 million US dollars and the runners up will be receiving $500,000. While this is a 320% increase from the 2018 jackpots, it is still short of what the men will earn if they win big.

The West Indies won $1.6 million for winning the men's T20 last year.

Kevin Roberts, CA's chief executive, said: “We want to continue our commitment to equality by ensuring that any prize money earned by the Australian women’s team in the T20 World Cup is the same as what is on offer in the men’s side of the tournament.

“This will include matching the prize money for the final, semi-finals, or group stage.

“I commend the ICC’s commitment and while there is no doubt we are starting to see financial progress for our talented cricketers, we still have a way to go and CA will continue to play a role in driving equality for our athletes."

Australian players receive the same amount of base pay regardless of gender. This progress was made after a negotiation now known as the Memorium of Understanding (MoU) in 2017. This saw funding for elite female cricketers rise from $7.5 million, in the previous five years, to $55 million over the current bargaining agreement. This is in place until 2023. 

The World T20 is taking place early next year.

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