Stunning golfer Paige Spiranac says her 34DD chest actually improves her game and, for the record, insists 'no, I've never had any work done'

The golfer says 'I'm young, confident and like  to feel sexy' (Instagram: @_paige.renee)
The golfer says 'I'm young, confident and like to feel sexy' (Instagram: @_paige.renee)
13:17pm, Fri 01 May 2020
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American pro golfer and social media star Paige Spiranac has been passing on tips about her golf swing - in particular how she manages with a ‘large chest’.

She said: “I stand a little bit away from it [the ball] so I have a little bit more space - with your arms over your chest.”

Paige explains that due to her chest size she stands further back from the ball (Instagram: @_paige.renee)

Speaking in a Q & A on her Youtube page, the 27 year-old divulged she is a 34DD and ‘completely natural’ and believes her size is actually an advantage when it comes to her golf game.

"Once you get used to them just being in the way you're fine, on the downswing or anything like that I never really notice it, it's just the set up.

"So you do feel connected instead of having that excessive space, so I use it to help me.

Paige says her figure certainly isn't a handicap (Instagram: @_paige.renee)

“It's never an issue, they're just kind of there. Putting, chipping, really anything else you're pretty much set."

The golfer, who spends much of her time posting photos on social media, is also up front about showing off her figure.

"I do flaunt my cleavage, I don't see anything wrong with it, I like the way my body looks.

"I'm young, I feel confident and like to feel sexy and I think I have a nice chest and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

"If you want to show off certain things then go for it, I never thought that was an issue.

“My cleavage is always out, I don't get offended by it when people ask me these questions because I am aware, I'm showing it off in a way.”

She also addressed the constant questioning about ‘having had any work done’

“My boobs are real. I've never had my breasts done,” she said.

“They are as real as they could be.”

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