Emotional reunion of Spanish man and his donkey post-lockdown

Ismael Fernández reunited with his pet donkey after spending two months apart (Instagram: baldomerayyo)
12:15pm, Fri 22 May 2020
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A Spanish farmer is seen crying with emotion in a video of the moment he is reunited with his favourite donkey after two months in lockdown.

Ismael Fernández visited his family farm in El Borge, Malaga earlier this week after the government eased lockdown restrictions in Spain.

But the 38 year-old was worried ’Baldomera’ would not recognise him after spending so much time apart.

As she trots up to him, Fernández bursts into tears. And after an initially low-key greeting, the donkey bursts into full-on hee-hawing!

Fernández wrote on Facebook: “I am not ashamed that you hear me cry because here is one of the most unconditional demonstrations of love that exist.

“Baldomera was kind of crying too when she saw me getting upset. It was the most touching moment I have ever experienced.”

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