Frank de Boer backtracks after labelling equal pay for women ridiculous

Frank de Boer is currently the manager of American side Atlanta United (PA Images)
Frank de Boer is currently the manager of American side Atlanta United (PA Images)
13:50pm, Fri 16 Aug 2019
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Frank de Boer has back-tracked and labelled his comments "hard" after he said women wanting equal pay in football is "ridiculous".

The former Barcelona man made the remarks at a time when the US Women's National Team are currently in the middle of a lawsuit with their soccer federation citing institutional gender discrimination.

And the Dutchman has now come out to clarify how his earlier quotes may have been a little strong.

De Boer said: "Especially the word ridiculous. It's a hard word if I read that word only. If you see the whole context, I was very clear that I always promote women's football."

He went on to say women should receive equal pay, but only if they deserve it.

"I think if they deserve it, they have to earn (it)," he added.

"If they want to be (paid more than men), they have to earn more than men. That's how it is. But again, I think the word 'ridiculous' was a little bit hard.

"I will always support not only women who do football, but do youth sports. It's very good mentally and healthy. Also, team sports are fantastic. Hopefully we will see a lot of women doing sport and especially football, because I love football."

Since De Boer's original comments, the USWNT have decided to take the USSF to a jury trial over the treatment of the women's game compared with the men's.

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