23 March 2022

11 unexpected wardrobe problems we’re all facing as the weather suddenly heats up

23 March 2022

A spring heatwave is a wonderful surprise… or is it? As much as we long for sunshine during the gloom of winter, when the mercury suddenly rises we’re faced with a variety of clothing conundrums.

It’s not like we’ve never encountered warm weather before, yet things become tricky when unseasonal temperatures hit without warning.

Here are 11 confusing wardrobe issues we have to contend with in an unexpected heatwave…

1. You have no idea what jacket to wear


There’s still a chill in the air when you head out in the morning, so should you pull on a proper coat? A jacket? Just a jumper? Judging by the variety of outerwear you see in public, everyone else is just as confused as you are.

2. … Or what footwear

Some people are wearing sandals. Others are in knee-high boots. Nobody wants sweaty feet, but you don’t want chilly tootsies either, do you?

3. You’ll regret your decision either way

Even when you think you’ve cracked the perfect in-between outfit, you just know you’ll regret your choice when you end up boiling hot after your morning commute, or freezing when you’re coat-less on the way home.

4. You have to carry spare clothes around

You end up either lugging around the coat that seemed like a such good idea this morning, or the ‘just in case’ jumper/jacket/tights/all of the above, because you can never quite trust the forecast, can you?

5. You’re not ready to bare your legs

Or your feet for that matter – not when they haven’t seen the light of day for months. But at the same time, it’s way too hot for tights.


6. You keep forgetting your sunglasses

Bike rides, strolls and lunchtimes in the park are lovely… unless you spend the whole time squinting against the sun. If only you could remember where your sunglasses are.

7. Jumpers are so itchy

This time last week you were snuggled up in your favourite woolly jumper, but now it’s making you uncontrollably itchy. How did you not notice this before?

8. You can’t remember what you actually wear in summer

Thrust into unseasonably warm weather, you have no recollection of how you normally dress when it’s balmy outside – or where you actually stowed all your summer clothes last year.


9. Winter pyjamas are unbearable

Night-time brings with it a whole new challenge: what do you wear to bed? You can’t be bothered to swap to your summer duvet (because another cold snap is probably on the way), but your thick winter PJs are stiflingly warm.

10. Loungewear is too hot

Cosy sweatshirts, tracksuit bottoms and fluffy slippers are great when you’re working from home in winter. Now, however, you need to find some lighter loungewear.

11. Office attire in especially tricky

It’s one thing if you’re free to spend your days outside, basking in the glorious sunshine, but trying to dress for warm weather plus an overly air-conditioned office and a strict dress code? Nightmare.

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