05 January 2021

5 easy ways to brighten your skin in winter

05 January 2021

Our complexions can often suffer in winter, but if your skin is looking even worse than usual this year, don’t be alarmed.

“When you combine the effects of Zoom fatigue and mask-wearing, with its dry patches around the mouth, blemishes and lacklustre pallor, you’re not exactly presented with the vision of radiance,” says beauty writer Katie Service, author of new book The Beauty Brief: An Insider’s Guide To Skincare.

“But don’t worry – all is not lost. Quite the opposite in fact, because the new year, with all its resolutions and good intentions, is the perfect time to put in place some simple new habits that I’ve found have allowed my skin to really bounce back.”

Here, Service shares her five top tips on how to get your glow back…

1. Try a matte foundation

“‘What?’ I hear you say. ‘But haven’t we all spent years trying to artfully master the dewy look?’ Well, yes we have, but 2021’s line-up of matte foundation launches are about to change that,” says Service.

“New technology in matte foundation formulating fuses ultra-hydrating ingredients with light-reflecting technology that allows your skin to glow with a radiance not seen before in matte finishes.

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“Instead of providing pasty, cakey bases, these new formulations manage a soft-focus finish that looks hydrated, fresh and most importantly like real skin,” Service adds.

“I always recommend starting with a hydrated base for more glow, then use a dual fibre brush to buff in your matt foundation in small circles for the smoothest finish. Check out Cle de Peau Radiant Fluid Foundation (£110, Harrods) or Dior Forever Skin Glow (£37).”

2. Glow on the go

“I’m a firm believer that skincare shouldn’t just live in your bathroom. Although some products make promises that their benefits will last all day, it’s often in the real world that you need your skincare the most – especially when going about our day now means taking a face covering off and on multiple times,” says Service.

“It’s more important than ever to keep your skin clean and hydrated, so I recommend taking a mobile, miniature version of what’s in your bathroom with you in your make-up bag.

“A travel-sized micellar water cleanser to refresh the skin half way through the day and keep pores unclogged is essential and will go a long way to fending off ‘maskne’, while a spray on moisturiser is so easy to use and will keep your skin barrier hydrated and healthy throughout the day.”

3. Consult a dermatologist

“Make 2021 the year that you visit a dermatologist on the regular. You see your dentist for regular check-ups, so why not a dermatologist? Your skin, after all, is the largest organ on your body, so looking after it and treating it to regular MOTs with a specialist makes perfect sense.

“Dermatologists can provide a whole host of services, from mole check-ups and allergy services, to advanced facials, peels and more invasive glow-inducing treatments.”

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

mature woman applying face cream

“Looking dehydrated can take on myriad forms – dryness, dullness, flaking or, for some skin tones, excess sebum production and therefore greasiness,” says Service.  “Dryness is also most prevalent in the morning, since our skin naturally loses most moisture overnight. This is why your morning ‘gulp’ of skin hydration is so important for retaining dewy, glowing skin for the rest of the day.

“Invest in products that contain ultra-moisturising ingredients for your morning regime, such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid and ceramides.”

5. Be kind to your skin

woman in dressing gown looking at her skin in the mirror

“How do you apply your skincare? Do you take time and care or do you just rub it in any old way? Take the time to give skin a lovely, reviving massage when you apply your skincare both morning and evening,” Service recommends.

“The power of touch is incredible for plumping and adding glow, but a facial massage also does wonders for de-stressing a busy mind – and when you feel good, you look good.”

The Beauty Brief: An Insider's Guide to Skincare

The Beauty Brief: An Insider’s Guide To Skincare by Katie Service, illustrations by Constanza Goeppinger, is published by Thames and Hudson on January 28, priced £19.99. 

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