8 things you’ll only know if Topshop was your high-street mecca

Arcadia Group
Arcadia Group (PA Wire)
11:35am, Tue 01 Dec 2020
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It’s a sad day for fashion fans across the country as Topshop’s parent group, Arcadia, has fallen into administration.

The clothing giant fell into trouble after the pandemic “severely impacted” sales across the group, and now the future of the iconic shop hangs in the balance.

Arcadia Group (PA Wire)

Here are some key reasons why you might be devastated at the thought of Topshop disappearing from your local high street…

1. You live in Jamie jeans

You’re not sure if its the perennially cool high-waisted fit or the ankle-grazing length, but no other jeans compare to Topshop’s staple Jamie jean.

You tried to branch out when ‘mom’ jeans became a thing, but you just felt frumpy and gravitated straight back to your safe place.

2. You’ve tried out some of their ‘interesting’ trends over the years

Topshop is a great place for staple wardrobe items, but you’ve been guilty of buying into a few of their more ‘experimental’ styles over the years.

We’re thinking about leggings covered in upside down crosses, military coats with weird shoulder pads and tiny sunglasses. Shudder.

3. Topshop was your social space 

Saturday afternoons in your teens and early 20s were exclusively spent wandering around Topshop with friends and trying stuff on.

Nothing beat having a good gossip in the changing rooms with your pals, and you always loved the feeling of leaving with a bag full of new goodies.

4. You always spent your pay cheque there

All the money you earned in your 20s that should have gone on saving for a house went on faux fur jackets, combat boots and handbags.

You kind of regret it, but then again, you also still own and love some of those original pieces you lusted after and saved for.

5. You’d often turn up to parties wearing the same thing as someone else

The annoying thing about Topshop is that it’s so ubiquitous, everyone shops there. This means you regularly ‘twin’ with your mates or spot other women on the street wearing the same coat as you.

6. You were obsessed with the designer ranges

It’s been 13 years since the original Kate Moss X Topshop range came out, but you still regularly scour Depop to see if you can get your hands on the iconic ‘Pansy’ dress that everyone wanted to own that year.

7. The ridiculous shoes were your favourite

You still have painful bunions thanks to years of wobbling around in clubs wearing impractical platform shoes from Topshop.

8. You tried other shops but they didn’t compete

You really wanted to get into the online shopping craze, but the experience of filling up your basket just isn’t as therapeutic as hitting up your local Topshop on a day off from work.

Wandering around its rails is a ritual you’ve savoured since your teens and you’re not sure how you’re going to cope if it’s soon to be gone forever.

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