Who bares wins! Eye-popping halter tops are the daring trend this summer

Missguided Zara McDermott Lilac Slinky Wrap Around Plunge Midi Dress

9:44am, Fri 18 Jun 2021
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Every summer brings with it an eye-popping clothing trend that divides fashion fans. One that makes half of us say, ‘Ooh, yes please!’ and the other half say, ‘Ew! No, thank you.’

After last year’s ‘super crop top’ phase, this season’s sure-to-be-divisive garment is, drum roll please… the extreme halter top.

What exactly is an extreme halter top? Also known as a scarf top, it’s essentially a long length of fabric crossed over your chest and tied behind your neck to create a halter style.

Inescapable on Instagram and fast fashion retailer websites, these midriff-baring tops have been embraced by ‘hot girl summer’ enthusiasts the world over, and we can see why.

During a heatwave, an extreme halter top is a practical choice, because you can wear as little as possible without actually resorting to a bikini (although there are a lot of crossover halter bikinis in the shops this season too).

It’s a nifty way to show off  that ‘ab crack’ area, or a bit of underboob.

Plus, there’s something cool about this throwback style, which references both disco-era Seventies and Christina Aguilera in the Noughties.

They’re versatile too. Some multiway tops are designed to let you switch up your look by twisting and tying it in different ways.

Missguided Zara McDermott Lilac Slinky Wrap Around Plunge Midi Dress

Missguided Zara McDermott Lilac Slinky Wrap Around Plunge Midi Dress, £35

On the other hand, for some of us the idea of flashing that much flesh is terrifying.

There’s no way you can wear a bra with these tops – they are essentially a bra, and a very unsupportive one at that – which may explain why they’re so popular with perky young Gen Zs.

And they certainly don’t adhere to certain dress codes. TikTok user Mollie Wood posted a video claiming she was kicked out of a Wetherspoons pub because of her ‘inappropriate’ halter top.

Are you sitting on the fashion fence about this summer’s most daring look? Well, there’s an easy way to try the trend – and you don’t even have to buy anything.

All you need is a large square scarf or sarong, and most of us have one of those hanging around at home somewhere.

Fold the scarf on the diagonal until you’ve got a long strip of fabric a few inches wide, then wrap it around your waist and tie it behind your neck. Voila, you are bang on trend for summer.

Give it a go. You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised by your homemade halter top…

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