5 ways to make non-alcoholic tipples interesting

Non-alcoholic drinks
Non-alcoholic drinks
14:27pm, Fri 23 Apr 2021
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Outdoor get-togethers and sunny celebrations call for a certain calibre of drink, especially after such a turbulent year – and we’re longing to see and raise a glass with friends again.

But sometimes it’s not such a bad idea to give your body a break and go without booze for a while – or to swap in at least a few non-alcoholic drinks if you’re enjoying a catch-up.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean missing out, since non-alcoholic drinks can be fun, tasty and exciting. We’ve rounded up a few key ingredients and hacks for inspiration…

1. Make a mocktail

It’s easy to keep a clear head with so many delicious mocktail recipes to stir the senses, and they don’t need to taste sweet. The secret is to replace alcohol bitters with tea, for an alternative touch of bitterness. Simply steep your preferred tea blend in sugar syrup – the richer the syrup, the stronger the taste.

2. Get creative with garnishes

Not just a gin thing, pimp up your soda water and serve something sharp with citrus wheels, spirals or dried orange wheels. Citrus peels are loaded with aromatic essential oils which can be rimmed around your glass before squeezing the juice. While dehydrated orange wheels will add depth of flavour – slow bake them yourself, and your kitchen will smell amazing.

3. Tart up your juice

Salting the rim of a glass maybe the model of a margarita, but it works like a dream with fruit juice too. The salty tang will liven your taste buds and streamline the sweet. Likewise, a tomato juice laced with spice, an olive skewer and rimmed with salt is the best way to kick-start brunch.

4. Try something new on the non-abv cocktail circuit

For instance, award-winning designer Matthew Williamson has teamed up with Jukes Cordialities to create an eye-catching design for their new  rosé-inspired alcohol-free drink – and we can’t wait to sink this pink.

5. Don’t think your best tumbler or wine glass is just for whisky or wine

We all love to drink with our eyes, and glamorous crystalware can make all the difference to your drink. The more OTT, the more satisfaction with every sip. Job done.

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