6 unusual ways to eat cherries – as the heatwave creates a glut of the juicy fruit

The heatwave has produced an abundance of cherries (Alamy/PA)
16:05pm, Tue 03 Aug 2021
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After a disappointing start to the summer, the recent heatwave has lead to a boom in cherry crops, with growers reporting a massive yield of the stone fruit.

In response, Tesco has ordered an extra 115 tonnes to stop the glut going to waste, with supplies arriving in supermarkets imminently.

Looking forward to tucking into the juicy fruits? Here are some interesting ideas for how to enjoy cherries, that go beyond just jam and Bakewell tart…

1. Pickled


Preserved in vinegar, pickled cherries are tangy and delicious, perfect for serving with cheese and biscuits, cured meats or roast pork.

2. Wrapped in bacon

A fruity alternative to pigs in blankets, bacon and cherry bites are a sweet-meets-savoury canapé creation, and they’re gluten free too.

3. Folded into calzone

Inspired by the folded pizza, sweet and creamy cherry calzones are filled with red cherries, cream cheese and sliced almonds.

4. As a marshmallow flavouring

Using agar agar powder instead of gelatin, these vegan cherry marshmallows are a rich pink colour and have a delicious fruity flavour.

5. In a bottle of cherry wine

One for the grown-ups (and the home brewers) you can make your own boozy cherry wine if you’ve got the right equipment – and the patience to wait six months for the fermentation process to finish.

6. Added to s’mores

Take the classic campfire confection to the next level by sandwiching graham crackers with roasted cherries (or a spoonful of jam), marshmallows and chocolate, to create cherry s’mores.

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