01 April 2021

7 non-traditional types of hot cross buns to make this weekend

01 April 2021

Few things are as classic as hot cross buns at Easter, but who says you can’t mix things up a bit every now and then?

If you don’t fancy making the old school recipe this year – maybe you’ve mastered it by now, or can’t stomach dried fruit – these non-traditional takes on hot cross buns will kick things up a notch…

1. Tropical

The weather might have taken a turn, but you can still bring a bit of sunshine with your baking.

This bake from Recipes From A Pantry combines mango and coconut for a tropical take on the Easter classic.

2. Chocolate

For a really decadent treat, go all-in on chocolate. You can flavour the dough with cocoa and fold through as many chocolate chips as you like. The result will certainly be sweet – but what better way to celebrate the end of Lent, particularly if you’ve given up chocolate?

This recipe by Sugar Salt Magic is a true delight for chocoholics.

3. Savoury

With sugary bakes and chocolate eggs galore, Easter food doesn’t always suit savoury lovers – unless you put cheese in your hot cross buns.

There are plenty of ways to amp up the cheesiness of your bake – Jamie Oliver likes his with chives and Delicious pairs its recipe with chilli.

4. Breakfast

Want to start your day right this Easter? The Kate Tin makes her hot cross buns perfect for breakfast by loading them with maple bacon.

Of course, if you really can’t be bothered do any baking, you can always buy some hot cross buns from the shop, toast them, and fill them with bacon and eggs.

5. Muffins

If you can’t bear the idea of waiting for your dough to prove, skip this step entirely and make hot cross bun muffins. This recipe from What Charlotte Baked has all the hallmarks of a classic hot cross bun, without any of the faff, as you mix all the ingredients together and bake in muffin cases.

6. Sourdough

If you’ve managed to keep your sourdough starter alive, congratulations – now is the time to really push the boat out, and see how it works in hot cross buns.

The result will be tangier and less sweet than your average bun – try this recipe from The Clever Carrot.

7. Fruity

Hate dried fruit but still want natural bursts of sweetness in your buns? Fresh fruit can be subbed in – take a look at this recipe from Not Quite Nigella – apple and cinnamon is a match made in heaven.

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