7 things you’ll only know if you hate craft beer

Not a fan of the craft stuff? (Alamy/PA)
7:00am, Sat 24 Jul 2021
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If you’re a beer fan, there’s arguably no better feeling than clocking off on a Friday and getting your hands on a cold pint of lager at the pub.

But what’s the one thing that will ruin your weekend buzz quicker than you can say ‘last orders’? A pal mistakenly ordering you a trendy West Coast IPA you feel far too polite to send back.

Sound familiar? Here are some things you’ll definitely be on board with if you don’t get the fuss around craft beer…

1. You have no idea how it became so popular

Diehard craft beer enthusiasts are seemingly everywhere, and it’s rare to turn up to someone’s house without being confronted by a fridge full of colourful but grimace-inducing bitter brews.

You politely bring your own drinks to parties now; not just to look generous, but because you don’t want a can of the craft stuff thrust into your hand.

2. It’s either too sweet, too sour or too bitter

There’s something about the taste of craft beer that’s way too funky for your taste buds, and reminds you of a disastrous home-brewing experiment you did in your student digs.

Call us uncultured, but the hoppy flavours are way too overpowering to enjoy.

3. There’s definitely a stigma

Craft beer isn’t just a drink; it’s become a lifestyle, and your friends only want to hit up the trendiest microbreweries for that post-work pint.

Whether you prefer the taste of other drinks or simply cannot tolerate the flavour at all, expressing reservations about craft beer is often met with raised eyebrows and lengthy explanations about why you’re wrong.

4. Some of your friends have changed

There’s been a definite shift in your social circle. A few years ago they barely knew their Pilsner from their pale ale, but now your mates love nothing more than discussing the ‘depth’ and ‘complexity’ of their beers.

5. A lot of the time you reckon people just like the packaging

But you don’t dare voice these thoughts. People are practically evangelical about craft beer, so you’re firmly keeping some of your less complimentary thoughts to yourself.

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6. It can be really expensive

There’s nothing worse than buying a round of drinks and getting stung with a massive bill because your mates are drinking the most expensive pints on the menu.

7. People often find it hard to believe

“You just haven’t tried the custard-infused stout from the tiny microbrewery in the fig’s end of nowhere,” a random but outraged acquaintance will inevitably say if you mention your indifference to the craft beer scene.

Nope, those bitter hops just aren’t for us, and we’re quite happy to leave it at that.

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