16 April 2021

9 things you only know if you’re obsessed with kitchen organisation

16 April 2021

Move over Chrissy Teigen and Khloe Kardashian, there’s a new celebrity kitchen icon in town and she’s blown the competition out of the water.

Courteney Cox has shared a hilarious video on Instagram admitting she’s ‘a Monica’ just like her Friends character. The clip reveals the insides of the actor’s impeccably organised drawers and cupboards, where each perfectly polished utensil has its own place, spices are stored in identical white labeled pots and dry goods are decanted into glass preserving jars.

For some people, this kind of behaviour is bonkers and a total waste of time, but not if you’ve reached the Monica Geller level of cleaning and storage addiction…

1. You know exactly where everything goes

You kitchen is organised with military precision and you’ve memorised exactly where every bowl, saucepan, utensil and ingredient lives. Even the freezer has been given the Monica treatment. In fact, you’re confident that even if you were blindfolded you could still locate everything you needed with ease.

2. Your kitchen is always spotless

What’s the point of having a superbly organised kitchen if you’re just going to mess it up? Master of the ‘clean as you go’ approach to cooking, you won’t find a single speck of dust or sauce splatter on these surfaces. And lord help any family member who dares leave so much as a crumb when they’ve finished in your kitchen.

3. You’re always looking for ways to improve

As much as you love your kitchen, you’re always on the hunt for ways to improve your finely tuned system. You follow tons of #homeorganisation Instagram and YouTube accounts and are always adding to your Pinterest ideas boards.

4. You can’t stop shopping

Whether it’s brushed gold utensils from a posh department store or stacks of tupperware from the pound shop, there’s always some new kitchen ‘essential’ you absolutely cannot live without.

5. Your label maker is your best friend

With all those storage jars filled with different types of flour, a label maker really is essential. Do you need to label the tubs or strawberries and blueberries as well? No. But are you going to? Of course.

6. You love high tech gadgets

From fancy bottle openers and weighing scales to the latest eco-friendly kettle and matching toaster, you can always find an excuse to update your kitchen appliances. The ultimate dream is to own one of those smart fridges that senses when you’re running out of milk and automatically orders you some more.

7. You hate it when anyone messes with your system

‘Why don’t you keep your cutlery next to the oven?’ a friend asked recently and you felt your blood begin to boil. It’s taken years to get your kitchen perfectly arranged for your needs and you do not appreciate any ‘helpful’ hints from visitors.

8. You get frustrated by other kitchens

In fact, you know that, given the chance, you could revolutionise the lives of your friends and family by implementing your failsafe systems in their hopelessly unorganised kitchens. Opening their cupboards and drawers is an excruciating experience. Have they never even heard of a label maker?

9. Your kitchen brings you joy

Some people might not get it, but organisation is a form of therapy for you. No matter what else is going on in the world, you know that you can retreat to your sanctuary of kitchen calm whenever you need to. Tidying gives you, to quote classic Nineties movie Clueless, a sense of control in a world full of chaos.

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