Can a healthy cook box encourage kids into the kitchen?

Kids in the kitchen
Kids in the kitchen
9:00am, Thu 15 Apr 2021
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Most of us have tried some sort of cook box – Gousto, Mindful Chef, Hello Fresh – they all make life a little bit easier when it comes to mid-week meals when we’re short on time and inspiration.

Cook School takes that same concept and serves it up for kids. So, you can order a one-off box, or sign up for fortnightly deliveries, and your children will receive a personalised parcel containing ingredients, all ready for them to make and serve.

What’s it like?

Having the small folk of the house cook an entire meal is a win in my book. My daughters, Rosie, 11, and Poppy, 8 like food and are happy to get involved with the cooking, but it always seems to end up getting a bit tense as patience wears thin and we all get hangry.

Cook School’s boxes arrive addressed to the children, which gets a big tick straight off. The recipes are made for kids, so they’re simple to follow, and all the ingredients are weighed out and ready to go, as you’d expect.

The options are pretty varied too – veggie burgers, sushi, pizza, cauliflower curry, granola – they’ve all been a hit.

How did it go?

Getting kids to read the recipe properly is pretty much the only difficulty. If they do that, you really can sit back with a glass of wine or a cuppa and wait to be served. They love the independence and grown-up responsibility, you’ll love having a night off.

My two have barely needed any help preparing these recipes, and they’ve all been utterly delicious. We encountered a couple of delivery issues – a box not arriving when we thought it was, and a rice spillage inside the box, but all issues were quickly rectified and dealt with brilliantly.


I can honestly say I’m completely sold on the concept. I love it. The kids love it. It costs about the same as other popular at-home boxes – £22 for a one-off box or £20 a box if you subscribe to fortnightly deliveries, and each one easily feeds a family of four. You need to pay a delivery charge of £2.95 as well. But for a night off and a good feed – it’s worth every penny.

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