24 May 2023

Tim Hayward’s grilled artichokes with hollandaise recipe

24 May 2023

“Grilled artichokes with hollandaise are one of my all-time favourite summer foods,” says Tim Hayward, author of Big Green Egg Feasts.

“Grown up and sophisticated with an elegant hollandaise sauce, they are also romantic when shared and, for some reason, incredibly popular with small kids.”

You can make the hollandaise on the Egg, if you have one – if you don’t, Hayward recommends making ahead and storing in a flask.

Grilled artichokes with hollandaise

Ingredients:(Serves 4-8)

4 large globe artichokes1 lemon, cut into 4 wedges4 garlic cloves, left whole, but given a whack to slightly crush1 large egg yolkJuice of 1 lemon200g/generous 3/4 cup unsalted butter, meltedOlive oil, for brushingSalt and freshly ground black pepper


1. Wrap the artichokes individually in a double layer of foil, each with two tablespoons of water, a lemon wedge, a garlic clove and a big pinch of salt. Using the indirect set-up, burp and open your preheated Egg, place the wrapped artichokes on the stainless steel grid and leave them to steam for about 45-60 minutes with the dome closed until tender.

2. Meanwhile, for the hollandaise, put the egg yolk and four teaspoons of lemon juice into a heatproof bowl with one teaspoon of water and whisk together for two to three minutes until thick. Very gradually, whisk in the melted butter (leaving the white milky solids behind) in a thin stream until thick and creamy. Season with salt, pepper and more lemon juice to taste. Keep the hollandaise sauce warm over a pan of boiling water off the heat, stirring occasionally.

3. Burp the Egg and remove the convEggtor. Unwrap and halve the artichokes, top to bottom/vertically, then paint the cut side with olive oil. Using the direct set-up, grid cut-side down on the bars in the Egg until golden brown. Sprinkle with salt to taste just before serving.

Big Green Egg Feasts: Innovative Recipes To Cook For Friends And Family by Tim Hayward is published by Quadrille, priced £30. Photography by Sam Folan. Available now.

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