22 April 2020

Joe Wicks deeply moved after woman struggling with mental health says his PE classes 'saved her life'

A woman, who has been taking part in Joe Wicks' PE classes, has contacted him to say they 'saved her life'.

Wicks, also know as The Body Coach, shared the message he received from the viewer on Instagram.

She said: “I want to express my extreme gratitude to you. Six months ago, my partner left me for someone else and I was consumed with depression and anxiety.

“My confidence was at an all time low and regrettably I contemplated suicide, fortunately I am a single mother to a beautiful little girl who I could never leave and I hung on for her.

“I had just started to feel slightly better when we were hit by the pandemic, all of a sudden I couldn’t work anymore and my daughter was with me 24/7.

“I honestly wasn’t sure if I could survive through this and was gripped with an intense fear I would do something awful.”

She continued that since doing Wick's classes she had lost a stone and had been much happier.

"I am happier than I’ve ever been and can honestly say I no longer feel depressed, I wake up excited to do your workouts. We are a very low income household and I cannot express how grateful I am to have access to free exercise.

“Thank you so much for shining your light with the world and thank you for changing our lives.”

Wicks captioned the message: "Last night at about 10.30pm I got sent this message when I was about to go to bed. To be honest I felt completely caught off guard. I’ve never had a message like this before so was really emotional reading it. 

"I went from feeling sad and upset to having the biggest smile on my face and a warm, positive, happy and optimistic feeling in my heart. I asked for her permission to share it as I really think it’s a super powerful and inspiring example of how daily exercise can transform your mindset and mental health. 

"Exercise is an anti depressant. Exercise changes the way you feel even if only for a while. If you are suffering from depression know you are not alone. There are people all around the world struggling right now. You can and will get through this. 

"You will see a brighter day everyday you exercise. Let today be a brighter day. Give your self a chance to feel some energy and happiness. It’s waiting for you at the end of a workout. Good luck. Sending you lots of love."

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