21 January 2021

5 things to love about making a fresh start

21 January 2021

It’s the beginning of a new era, as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take their place in American history, and as Covid vaccinations ramp up, and the number of daylight hours we’re treated to increases bit by tiny bit every day, the idea of a fresh start is arguably feeling a little more tangible than it was.

Of course, a new beginning doesn’t mean everything is totally fine and dandy. There are still challenges to face and sadnesses to absorb, but like a snowdrop making an appearance on a grey, miserable January day, even the smallest of beginnings and signs of resetting, can give you a lift.

Here are a few more reasons a clean slate can be invigorating…

1. They give you space to breathe

For the last four years, many Americans have found taking a breath to be unbelievably difficult. But today, as a new term gets going, that feeling might just ease off a little. In day-to-day life, we can find ease in new starts too: be it starting page one of a new book, leaving a relationship and waking up alone for the first time in a long while, or sending off an application for a job you finally feel ready to tackle. Take a deep breath, dive in, and see where you come up.

2. They give you room to think

Starting a new task or project from scratch can really focus the mind. You can even fake the sensation by sleeping on something, before re-attacking it the next day. Can’t work out what to write in that email? Can’t get that frame to hang right? Can’t find the perfect gift to post to a friend who’s struggling? Reset, refresh and your brain might just reroute in a better direction. It’s amazing what starting over can do for your perspective, and how it can make things suddenly seem much more manageable.

3. They’re a great excuse for a new notebook

Is anything better than cracking the spine on a new notepad and opening it up to all those blank white pages? It brings back ‘new year at school’ vibes – regardless how old you are.

4. They can be terrifying – in a good way

Life has undoubtedly shrunk for most of us; our opportunities to get an adrenaline hit or feel any kind of exhilarating buzz through our veins are few and very far between. Going to the supermarket now induces trepidation, but really exciting, heart-in-your-mouth thrills that don’t risk your health, can be found in making a fresh start. Quit that job, start that business, make that call, ask that person if they love you too – go scare the hell out of yourself with a new beginning.

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5. They’re a chance to make real change

Sometimes ripping up everything that came before is the only way to move forward. Intimidating, yes, but if it’s the right thing for you, so freeing too.

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