26 December 2022

7 joy-filled things every Boxing Day should include

26 December 2022

While Christmas Day can be chock-full of gift-giving, church-going and feasting with family, Boxing Day is usually a less hectic affair, giving everyone a chance to rest and digest after the excesses of December 25.

Marking the start of Twixtmas – that lazy limbo period in between Christmas and New Year – it’s a time for wholesome activities, festive treats and cocooning in your PJs.

Here are seven mood-boosting ideas to bring joy to your Boxing Day…

1. Wintry walk

Clear away the cobwebs by pulling on your winter warmers and venturing out for a bracing walk in the countryside, on a beach or in your local park.

If you’re feeling really brave, you could reap the benefits of cold water therapy with a quick Boxing Day dip – just make sure you’ve got suitable clothing to get warmed up after.

2. Turkey leftovers

With Christmas Dinner done and dusted, it’s time to start tucking into those tasty leftovers.

Whip up a warming turkey curry or soup, or build the ultimate festive sandwich with slices of turkey and all the trimmings.

3. Catching up with loved ones

Whether virtually or in person, Boxing Day is a great time to catch up with friends and family near and far.

Invite the neighbours to tag along for your wintry walk, plan a video call with relatives, or phone your BFF for a good old chinwag.

4. Games

While away the afternoon with a bit of friendly competition in the form of classic board games – you can’t go wrong with Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble – or the kids’ favourite computer games.

If you’ve been loving The Traitors on BBC One and you’ve got at least seven people to play with, why not have a go at the parlour game version, called Werewolf, where players designated as werewolves have to try and ‘kill’ all the villagers without being found out. Find a full explanation of the rules on WikiHow.

5. Cheese

If you stocked up on speciality cheese and posh biccies then found yourself far too stuffed on Christmas Day to manage a morsel, now’s your chance to assemble – then demolish – an epic cheese board.

6. Taking stock

If you’re feeling reflective as the year draws to a close, why not take some time to consider all the things you’re grateful for in 2022, or look ahead to what you want to achieve next year.

You might want to write a gratitude list in your journal, reaching out to people who have played and important role in your life recently to say thank you.

7. Festive films

Round off the evening by curling up on the sofa with your favourite yuletide tipple and indulging in a feelgood film.

Maybe you want to watch Home Alone for the umpteenth time, or perhaps you want to check out one of the latest Christmas romcoms on Netflix – festive telly is all about nostalgia and guilty pleasures.

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