8 tips for looking fresh on a hangover

Hangovers can be disguised the morning after
Hangovers can be disguised the morning after
10:00am, Sun 18 Apr 2021
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Overdone it the night before? Was it that last glass of vino that’s made you look a little bit worse for wear? And why, oh why are your eyes so puffy, and where did that red blotch come from?

Life can be so mean, when you looked – and felt – so lovely the night before. But with a few fashionista hacks, you can fake a little bit of fabulous (even when you feel rubbish) and still pull off your best face.

Having gulped that large glass of water, these are the next steps to getting your act together…

1. Splash your face with cold water

We know, you prefer a gentle toner in the morning, but now it’s all about reducing redness and getting the circulation going. Alcohol is a diuretic and cold water will help rehydrate your skin and wake you up. The icier the better.

2. Take a cold shower

Taking the plunge and lowering your body temperature in a cool shower minimises inflammation, relieves tension and again, improves circulation. And it’s a quick fix to freeing yourself from some of those nasty toxins and calming that heady feeling.

3. Massage your skin or apply a hydrating mask

A gentle massage while applying your day cream will revive your complexion. Gently pat underneath the eyes and massage your face in circular motions, from the centre out towards your cheek bones, forehead and temples. Otherwise, let your favourite beauty mask do the hard work for you.

4. Hide those tell-tale signs with a concealer

Chances are, you haven’t slept well, and those dark circles are making you look tired. A creamy concealer will brighten the underneath of your eyes and help you look more awake.

5. A light foundation and bronzer is your building block back to beautiful

Think dewy and light reflecting, rather than heavy and drying. Any fine lines or imperfections are likely to be looking a little more obvious right now, so try a weightless foundation or tinted moisturiser for that glowy, healthy look. And a cream bronzer along your forehead, cheekbones and jawline will give you that sun-kissed glow.

6. Keep your eye makeup simple

While it’s tempting to put on more eyeliner and shadow, the idea is not to draw too much attention to your blinkers. A couple of coats of mascara and a beige eyeliner on your waterline will open up your eyes, and make you look less tired.

7. Lipstick is a lifesaver

Whether you prefer a soft, beigey pink, pillar box red or a natural gloss, it’s important to keep your lips moisturised, and the plumper the pout, the better and brighter your post-party face will look.

8. Dress to impress 

To keep everyone’s gaze in the right direction, clothing is key. Like a celeb looking the part, make jewellery and accessories the focus of attention, not the supporting role. Oversized sunnies optional.

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