11 July 2024

Apple’s Vision Pro headset is coming to the UK – here’s everything you need to know

11 July 2024

The Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset came out earlier this year with a huge amount of buzz and feverish reviews – but there was a catch.

The headset went on sale in the US only in February, but that’s about to change. On July 12 it will finally be available to buy in the UK – which also means you’ll be able to try it in Apple Stores to get a feel for what it’s actually like to use.

If you’re curious about the headset, here are all the details you should know about it…

What is the Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is a mixed-reality headset – that means it’s a gadget that you wear over your head, which uses internal displays to project apps and programs out into the world you see around you. Essentially, the headset doesn’t block what you see around you – it overlays tech on top of it.

Apple calls its system ‘spatial computing’ because you’re able to lock windows in place and move around them as you like, with the headset keeping track of their locations for you. The headset looks like a VR headset and can do many of the same things as those devices, with an immersive experience.

The headset has a huge range of uses – Apple says it can help you boost productivity when working, transform any room ‘into your own personal cinema’ or FaceTime friends and family in life-size video tiles.

It’s not a totally wire-free experience, though – the Vision Pro has a connected battery pack that powers it, and this is basically a little puck that you can keep in your pocket, which runs a wire up to the headset to keep it powered.

How much does Apple Vision Pro cost in the UK?

The Vision Pro is a super premium bit of hardware, there’s no getting around that, so everyone was braced for a hefty price tag in the UK. That was finally confirmed recently, and it’ll start from £3,499 for a version with 256GB of storage, although you’ll have to pay extra for things like a sturdy carrying case (£199) or prescription lenses.

These lenses are made in partnership with Zeiss, and will cost £99 for a pair of reading lenses, or £149 for a prescription pair.

Can I pre-order the Vision Pro now?

If you’re certain you’d like a Vision Pro as early as possible, you can pre-order one right now from the Apple Store, to ensure that you get your hands on it for that July 12 delivery date.

How do you control the Apple Vision Pro?

Unlike most headsets of this kind, Vision Pro doesn’t come with any controllers. Instead, you control it using your hands and finger movements.

This finger-tracking is reportedly hugely impressive, but it means that you’ll have a new control scheme to get used to.

What’s the battery life on Apple Vision Pro?

Apple’s headset is a first draft – and that’s reflected in its battery life, which isn’t exactly massive.

You can expect Vision Pro to work for up to two hours in general use, according to Apple, or up to two-and-a-half if you’re just watching videos. The headset can also be used when plugged into a socket without any battery life draining.

Will there be a Vision Pro 2?

One thing that tech experts might advise you to think about if you’re tempted by an Apple Vision Pro headset is there’s very likely another version of it already in the works. After all, Apple has long been fond of frequent refreshes for its devices, as seen in the annual iPhone release.

This time around, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be an annual update (and, in fact, it probably won’t be), but you should still know that a better and more advanced version of the Vision Pro is likely to arrive at some point.

Many people hope that it’ll also be substantially more affordable as Apple’s costs come down, but this is also something that has no guarantee attached.

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