11 July 2024

How to throw a German-themed Euros final party

11 July 2024

The 2024 Euros final is around the corner, and fans up and down the country will be on the edge of their seats awaiting the Spain versus England match on Sunday.

If you’d rather watch the action at home than in a busy pub, why not try something different and throw a German-themed party – in a nod to the Euros’ host country? Here’s how to get started…

What to eat?

Chef Robert Thompson, who was one of the youngest chefs in the UK to receive a Michelin star and launched various seafood boxes as part of at-home dining service You Be Chef, has a few ideas about what would be great to eat – starting with gordal olives.

“Warm them in the oven for two to three minutes, and they’re the best olives in the world!” says Thompson.

“Garlic and parsley butter sourdough,” is another suggestion. “Blend butter with fresh garlic and flat-leaf parsley, slice your favourite sourdough three-quarters of the way through, pipe the butter in each gap, wrap in foil and bake for 10-15 minutes. Awesome smell and taste from this uprated garlic bread.

“Montgomery’s cheddar cheese gougeres. Make your posh cheese profiteroles and let them cool before piercing each one underneath. Make a cheesy bechamel sauce, add a little truffle oil, and pipe inside each one. Bake for five minutes and serve with more cheese grated on top. This is fantastic to pass around a large group.”

Rosemary focaccia served with olive oil is another great choice. “Warm focaccia with a generous sprinkling of salt. I love this with drinks, and the smell of fresh rosemary is just great,” Thompson adds.

“Cockle popcorn with lemon is a nice one with drinks, salty and citrusy, and great for sharing. [As are] cuttlefish crackers and taramasalata – make your own taramasalata. We don’t add any bread to it, so it’s light and great with rosé and champagne.”

What to drink?

Ana Sapungiu MW, head of wine business development at Amathus Drinks, named International Wine Challenge’s Medium Multiple Retailer for 2024, says the German wine scene is getting more and more exciting – with “plenty of young producers trying new things, collaborating, making styles addressing the contemporary consumers but all with absolute quality in mind. What’s not to celebrate?”

Sapungiu particularly recommends Fusser ‘Ruppertsberger’ Riesling 2020 and Werner ‘Classic Legere’ Dry Riesling 2022 for your German-themed Euros party.

“These two special wines have a great depth of flavour, complexity and vibrancy,” she says. “Fusser [is] from Pflaz, an exciting family-owned biodynamic winery that is from a very special single vineyard site. Werner, from Mosel, is by a husband and wife team, which makes exquisite, pure Rieslings.”

And for options that aren’t wine? Bryan Levato, an expert mixologist at mobile bar and bartender service Spin and Shake, suggests: “Schnapps served ice cold on a paddle or wooden board for a traditional experience. It can help take the pressure off hosting by pre-arranging these battles or leaving them chilled for guests to help themselves,” Levato adds.

“[Weinschorle, [which is] often drank with a large group of friends in the late afternoon sun,” is another of his top tips. “It is often simply a mix of light white wine and sparkling water. Monkey47 is the iconic German spirit from the heart of Bavaria. A real crowd-pleaser; best served with Fever-Tree [tonic].

“Radlers, highly similar to a shandy – these are popular in the summer, and you can grab brands such as Schöfferhofer from most UK supermarkets,” he adds.

“You’ll often see German players with Radlers post-game as they’re seen as isotonic liquids. Perfect for those guests also opting for a low- or no-alcohol evening, as they are between 0.5 and 2.8% ABV.”

How to decorateJade Oliver, interior stylist at Express Bi-Folding Doors, suggests to start by incorporating the bold colours of the German flag – black, red, and gold – throughout your space.

“Hang German flags and banners around your room or garden, and use football-themed tablecloths, plates, cups, and napkins to create a cohesive look. Add some whimsy with inflatable footballs, trophies, and goalposts scattered around the living room or garden,” she suggests. 

“For a unique twist, make DIY garlands using miniature footballs and German flag cut-outs strung together. Create quirky centrepieces with beer steins filled with black, red, and gold flowers or mini pretzel bouquets.

“You can also enhance the viewing area with comfortable seating, plenty of cushions, and football-themed blankets to ensure a cosy game-watching experience.

“For an extra touch of fun, set up a photo booth with a backdrop featuring famous German landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, or memorable football moments such as celebrating a previous Euros championship on the pitch. Provide quirky props such as oversized beer mugs, lederhosen and football gear.

“To top it off, place small chalkboards on tables with fun German phrases or football trivia, giving guests something to chat about during halftime.”

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