17 November 2020

Should you be buying Christmas presents based on people’s star signs this year?

17 November 2020

Unless you’re some kind of gifting superhero, buying presents for your loved ones is never an easy task.

You want to find something thoughtful, fun and personal – and in the build-up to December 25, it’s altogether too easy for inspiration to run dry.

“The pressure of it all is enough for many of us to wish we could skip the season altogether,” says astrologer Laura Brown. If this sounds like you, it could be time to call on some help from the celestial plane.

Astrology uses the stars to tell us more about life on earth, and over the past few years has become increasingly popular among millennials as a way of understanding what’s going on around us. On a practical level, it could help you decide what kind of present to buy your loved ones this year – so long as you know their star sign (otherwise known as sun sign).

“Our sun sign is the very core essence of who we are,” explains Brown. “It’s what drives us, motivates us and can shed the brightest light on who we are, even those parts we rarely, if ever, show anyone.” This is why she thinks knowing someone’s sun sign will “help you get them a gift they’ll never forget”. So what kind of presents suit different signs?

Fire signs

Aries: Brown says Aries love it “to be all about them”, so jewellery is always a safe bet. “Anything that sparkles and draws attention will tickle their fancy,” she explains.

Leo: When it comes to Leos, Brown says it’s all about “attention, extravagance and luxury”. That’s why she recommends a retreat at a snazzy spa, or “if your Leo happens to be a professional”, she says, “a leather planner with the best paper that money can buy and a pen engraved with their name will also suit”.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are “all about freedom and and adventure” – so if you’re looking for a really special present, Brown recommends an “airline ticket and all the bells and whistles”. As trips aren’t particularly easy at the moment, perhaps a travel book to inspire a future holiday or a staycation in your home country will do just as well.

Water signs

Pisces: If your loved one is a Pisces, Brown thinks they are the “quintessential romantic” – so throwing together a present at the last minute won’t do. “Great gifts are those that calm them, as Pisceans are known for being super anxious and emotional,” the astrologer explains. “A 90-minute massage, or ridiculously expensive perfume or cologne are each great ideas.”

Cancer: Unlike Pisceans, Cancers are “relatively low maintenance in the gift department”, Brown says. This is because their personality is “all about feeling safe, low key and balanced” – so opt for cosy, homely presents like dried flowers.

Scorpio: According to Brown, “Scorpios need quite a bit of validation, so something they can wear that reminds them of how much you care is your best bet”.

Air signs

Aquarius: If your loved one is an Aquarius, it might be time to get crafty this Christmas. “They will love you for making something homemade that you put effort and great thought into,” explains Brown.

Gemini: Geminis will “always be happy with a lovely leather-bound journal with an expensive pen so that they can record all of their brilliant and fast moving ideas,” says Brown.

Libra: According to Brown, Libras are “known for loving things that beautify and tantalise the senses”. For present ideas, think of things like elegant scented candles or luxurious silk bed sheets.

Earth signs

Taurus: If your loved one is a Taurus, Brown suspects they have “very expensive taste” – she suggests you get them a gift certificate to their favourite restaurant this Christmas.

Virgo: “Endearing but picky, Virgos are known for being generous year-round,” says Brown. As they’re an earth sign, “anything to do with gardening is key” – with the astrologer suggesting an indoor herb garden kit.

Capricorn: Known as the main taskmasters of the Zodiac, Brown thinks Capricorns will appreciate gifts that ease their workload or help them organise their life better. “Paying for a house cleaning service for six months will let them focus on their next bold move, rather than add more to their typically overflowing plate,” she says, while also recommending a personalised planner.

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