23 November 2021

What is a tree skirt and do you need one?

23 November 2021

There’s no skirting around the issue – the base of your Christmas tree deserves the very best.

You top its needles with stars and angels, twinkling fairy lights, hanging baubles and decos galore, and it looks stunning. There’s a sparkle in your eye as you step back and admire all your hard work…

But wait, something’s missing. As you cast your eye lower down the branches, the unsightly stand ruins the whole look. So what do you do? Enter the tree skirt…

What is a tree skirt?

Metal Christmas Tre Skirt, £45.99, Charlton Island (Charlton Island/PA)

It’s the finishing touch. Suitable for both artificial and fresh trees, they conceal an unattractive metal or plastic base to your tree.

Why might you need one?

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Not only are they very of the moment and a style statement, but they’ll protect your carpet or flooring from fallen needles. Some are sturdy enough to double up as a supporting act for when it’s time to lay out all those beautifully wrapped pressies, so they’re not lying flat on the floor.

What to look out for?

Wilko Merry Elf Tree Skirt, £12, Wilko (Wilko/PA)

Depending on your style choice – from natural rattan to faux fur to festive felt – they’re available in different sizes, so it’s important to check the measurements and know the height of your tree.

Any other reason they should be on your decorative checklist?

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Yes! Not only can you colour co-ordinate a tree skirt with your overall scheme, from Scandi chic to Chrimbo kitsch, if Santa’s helpers forget to come down the chimney or the sleigh bells pass you by, your tree will still be dressed to impress.

Three more to snap up now…

1. Nordic Style Christmas Tree Skirt, £16, Dibor


2. White Wicker Tree Skirt, Natural, £50, The White Company

(The White Company/PA)

3. Christmas Tree Skirt, £95, Baarstool


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