13 July 2021

7 reasons to have your honeymoon in the Netherlands like Ariana Grande

13 July 2021

It looks like Ariana Grande is spending some quality time with her new husband, Dalton Gomez, in the Netherlands.

Although the 28-year-old hasn’t called it a honeymoon, she tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in May – and a major holiday abroad in the months following sounds suspiciously like a honeymoon to us.

Grande’s photo series on Instagram doesn’t reveal too much – but with windmills and giant clogs, they’re unmistakeably in the Netherlands. In one shot, it even looks like they are staying on one of the country’s famous houseboats.

While the Netherlands might not be the number one celebrity honeymoon hotspot, there are plenty of reasons why it’s perfect for a romantic getaway…

1. Amsterdam is full of romance


With canals, multicoloured houses and tree-lined streets, it doesn’t get much more charming than Amsterdam. Newly-married couples can take boat rides, eat warm stroopwafels from one of the quaint markets, go on a lazy bike ride or grab a beer from a craft brewery – it’s easy to while away the days here.

2. You can hit up the beach

If Amsterdam feels a bit touristy, there are plenty of places outside the capital to explore. Hit up one of the resort towns on wide expanses of white sand, such as Scheveningen or Zandvoort aan Zee, if you’re after a more relaxing honeymoon.

3. You can also get a bit more adventurous

Person cycling through a tulip field in the Netherlands

Honeymoons often feel very binary: you’ll either have a relaxing beach holiday, or a more active, sightseeing vacation. In the Netherlands, you can do both. After soaking up some rays at Scheveningen, you can then do something a bit more intrepid – such as cycling through tulip fields in the countryside, stopping off at small villages along the way. After all, have you even been to the Netherlands if you haven’t posed next to a windmill?

4. There are plenty of places to see art

The exterior of Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam,

Cultural couples will love the sheer amount of world class art in the Netherlands. The Mauritshuis art museum in The Hague is home to Girl With A Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer; you’ll find some of the greatest Dutch masters in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam; and the Van Gogh Museum is in a striking modernist building in the Netherlands’ capital.

5. You can go off the beaten track

If you’re looking to spend some quality alone time with your new spouse, you can steer clear of the big cities. A more private getaway can be found in a small fishing village – such as Marken – or the fortified town of Naarden.

6. The food is incredible

With wine, cheese and chocolate galore, food in the Netherlands is totally indulgent. And if you can’t have chunks of Gouda and Edam for breakfast on your honeymoon, when can you?

7. You’ll have a unique honeymoon

Couple riding a boat in Amsterdam

The Amalfi Coast, Bali, Fiji – these are all classic honeymoon destinations. Chances are, you don’t know many people who chose the Netherlands for their post-nuptial holiday, making for a unique experience you’ll be talking about for years.

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