18 November 2020

See the breathtaking winners from the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards 2020

18 November 2020

From the landscape paintings of Constable to the poetry of the Ancient Greeks, the beauty of the natural world has inspired Earth’s greatest artists and writers for longer than history can record.

Today, it’s doing the same for photographers, and the seventh annual International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards challenged snappers to present our planet at its best. Over 3,800 entries flooded in from all over the world, and the 101 top-ranking images will feature in a book showcasing the best of 2020’s efforts.

These are our favourite shots, from the peaks of the Swiss Alps to the depressions of Death Valley…

The Life And The Volcano by Isabella Tabacchi – Kamchatka, Russia

17667_Isabella Tabacchi_The life and the volcano

Yin And Yang by Gheorghe Popa – Lake Cuejdel, Romania

18099_Gheorghe Popa_Yin and Yang

Secret Valley by Miller Yao – Java, Indonesia

18507_Miller Yao_Secret Valley

Jurassic World by Miller Yao – Java, Indonesia

18508_Miller Yao_Jurassic World

Chaos Over Kansas by Frederic Couzinier – Winona, Kansas

19841_Frédéric Couzinier_Chaos over Kansas

Northern Forest by Zhu Xiao – Kola Peninsula, Russia

20202_Zhu Xiao_Northern forest

Manhattan by Laurent Lacroix – New Mexico

20482_Laurent Lacroix_Manhattan

Sprout by Shashank Khanna – Fremont, California

21275_Shashank Khanna_Sprout

Window To The Past by Roksolyana Hilevych – Pollino National Park, Italy 

21455_Roksolyana Hilevych_Window to the pasT

The Roots Of Eternity by Isabella Tabacchi – Zermatt, Switzerland

22038_Isabella Tabacchi_The roots of Eternity

First Light In The Adirondacks by Nikhil Nagane – New York State

First light in the Adirondacks

Life Stream by Kai Hornung – The Highlands, Iceland

22232_Kai Hornung_life stream

Finding A Way by Nate Merz – Gochang, South Korea

22659_Nate Merz_Finding a Way

Spring Symphony by Wayne Suggs – Organ Mountains, New Mexico

23114_Wayne Suggs_Spring Symphony

Evening Reflection by Christopher Anderson – Scoresby Sound, Greenland 

23216_Christopher Anderson_Evening Refection

Agricultural Art by Paola Crocetta – Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy

23665_Paolo Crocetta_Agricultural Art

Hintersee On Fire by Alexander Leuterbach – Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany

El Bufadero by Ivan Miljak – Tenerife, Spain

24179_Ivan Miljak_El Bufadero

Ibex Dunes by Evan Will – Death Valley National Park, California


Coast Of New Zealand by Sergey Aleshchenko – Motukiekie Beach, New Zealand

23881_Sergey Aleshchenko_Coast of New Zealand

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