Anti-vaccine party made ‘beeline’ towards me because of my skin colour – Yousaf

Liberal Party supporters
15:59pm, Fri 07 May 2021
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Members of an anti-vaccine party made a “beeline” for Scotland’s Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf at the Glasgow election count – before members of other political parties joined the SNP to confront them.

Derek Jackson, a candidate for Glasgow Southside, arrived at the count with supporters wearing black suits, yellow stars and armbands.

They claimed their yellow stars were “sheriff’s badges” – though they had “unvax” written on them.

Mr Jackson, who is also known as Deek Jackson, is standing for the Liberal Party – a small group unconnected to the Liberal Democrats.

Liberal Party members and police (PA Wire)

Speaking to reporters after the incident, Mr Yousaf said: “What I’m always struck by is voices of good always outweigh the voices of hatred.

“If anyone witnessed that exchange there – when they were directing questions at me about Pakistan, obviously because of my colour of skin, I’m not from Pakistan, my home is in Scotland

“I was delighted to be joined my colleagues right across the political parties, from Labour and other parties, standing in unity with me.

“So I’m pleased their voices were drowned out.

“You had six muppets here and then you very quickly had 25 people on the other side telling them where to go. That to me is the best of Scotland really.”

Mr Yousaf said the Liberal Party made a “beeline” for him and asked him about “child rape victims in Pakistan” as well as the Scottish Government’s Hate Crime Bill.

He later tweeted: “Twice these cretins have approached me, targeting ethnic minority candidates demanding we apologise for things going on in Pakistan.

“Always said voices of good outweigh the bad.

“When these numbskulls started, people of all political parties joined with me to tell them to jog on.”

Humza Yousaf (PA Archive)

Mr Jackson and his supporters later said they were wearing yellow stars and armbands to be “love marshals”.

He said: “I hope none of you are stupid enough to believe we are promoting fascism.

“When plainly and obviously we are here to satire and parody the fascist SNP hate laws.”

The Liberal Party candidate and his supporters were later escorted from the Emirates Arena by police and security staff.

Returning officer Annemarie O’Donnell is understood to have revoked their passes for the election count after being concerned by further behaviour from the group.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Officers assisted in escorting six people from the Emirates Arena, Glasgow, following complaints about their behaviour.

“Inquiries into this matter are ongoing.”

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