Battersea opens hydrotherapy centre for dogs

A hydrotherapist with Dixie, a seven-year-old dachshund being treated for back problems at Battersea's new hydrotherapy centre (PA Wire)
16:41pm, Tue 15 Jun 2021
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Battersea London has opened a new hydrotherapy suite for members of the public and their dogs amid fears over lockdown’s impact on pet health.

Concerns about the welfare of dogs have been raised since the start of the pandemic, due to the changed daily routines of pet owners, the high costs of vets during a period of precarious finances and growing problems with puppy smuggling.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (PA Wire)

Hydrotherapy, which includes a range of exercises which are done in the water, can help dogs with injury rehabilitation, weight loss, muscle pain, general fitness and mental wellbeing.

The centre said it is also an effective way to manage orthopaedic conditions in dogs and alleviate common aches and pains.

Battersea’s new suite includes a 6m x 3m pool, resistance jets and underwater treadmills which are managed by a team of hydrotherapists and veterinary physiotherapists.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (PA Wire)

Appointments range in duration from 30 to 45 minutes and can be customised depending on the dog’s needs.

A vet referral is needed for each session to ensure that it is safe for the pet.

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