PSG’s Jordyn Huitema said she was ‘stared’ at when she played for a boys youth team

Huitema plays for Paris Saint-Germain
Huitema plays for Paris Saint-Germain (Imago/PA Images)
19:33pm, Tue 27 Oct 2020
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Paris Saint-Germain and Canadian footballer Jordyn Huitema says she received stares and comments when she played for a boys team when she was young.

The 19 year-old joined her local boys team at the age of ten as the girls’ side 'wasn't competitive enough’.

She told BBC Sport: "It was unheard of at the time. I remember everyone giving me weird looks when I showed up at training. I'd turn up to matches and I'd hear people say, 'Why's there a girl in a jersey?'

“Even some of my team-mates would have something to say if I started a match or played more minutes than them. There were stares and comments but I kind of just silenced them with my performances.”

And she added the women’s game deserves more respect.

“I definitely say we're nowhere near where we deserve from a respect point.

"I think there are some women out there who have accomplished some incredible things and it kind of gets swept under the mat because they are female."

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