Crowds gather to watch 139-year-old house move through San Francisco

A Victorian house is moved through the streets
A Victorian house is moved through the streets (AP)
10:42am, Tue 23 Feb 2021
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Crowds gathered to witness an unusual phenomenon in San Francisco on Sunday, when a 139-year-old house was pulled through the streets to a new location.

The Victorian home was built in 1882, but after more than a century of stability was upped and moved to make way for a condominium development.

CORRECTION House Move San Francisco (AP)

Groups formed to bear witness to the operation, which the consultant overseeing the project said cost around 400,000 dollars (£284,000) to complete.

The house’s new home is a location six blocks away.

CORRECTION House Move San Francisco (AP)

Street lights, parking meters and utility lines all reportedly had to be removed to make way for the huge home, while people took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

House Move San Francisco (AP)

“They’re currently trimming tree limbs to give the house room to pass,” wrote one.

House Move San Francisco (AP)

“Today, my family witnessed a little bit of San Francisco history rescued & on the move!” wrote another.

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