Darts star Laura Turner is hoping women’s sports will be a priority post-lockdown

Turner is hoping women's darts can get back to where it was pre-lockdown
Turner is hoping women's darts can get back to where it was pre-lockdown (PA)
13:55pm, Thu 09 Jul 2020
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Darts player and pundit Laura Turner has said she hopes women’s sport can return to the platform it was building pre-lockdown when life starts getting back to ‘normal’.

She specifically referenced the amount of publicity women’s darts received after Fallon Sherrock became the first woman to beat a man at the World Championships last December. 

She told Sky Sports: “The amount of publicity, press and interest that Fallon generated after winning at the World Championship - I'm not going to say that has been lost but we could have been seeing her at the World Series.”

Sherrock was booked on the World Series with male stars such as Michael van Gerwen but it was called off due to the pandemic.

“I've always thought if you can make women within any sport more visual, it becomes more normal and more people want to get involved and that is the momentum we were talking about,” she added.

"I know all sports have stagnated at the moment but it is how it looks when it comes back, because the priorities will be to get higher level sports back to the level they were, before perhaps taking a look at the women's side of the games.

"It is happening across the board. I've seen it with football, cricket, rugby. It is all just pushed aside slightly but hopefully in a few months time if we get back to anything that resembles what it was like before, we can get back it up as priority to keep it developing."

It is not only darts that has seen a dip in the priority for women’s sport. 

England’s top division of football, Women’s Super League, was cancelled last month while the men’s Premier League is continuing.

And rugby top flight Premier 15s was ruled null and void but the men’s Premiership is targeting a restart in the middle of August.

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