03 June 2020

Donald Trump has highest disapproval rating of any president at this point in office, new poll reveals

Donald Trump has the highest disapproval rating of any president at this point in office of 54 per cent, according to a new poll.

FiveThirtyEight, an opinion poll analysis website, has shared new figures on Trump’s disapproval rating, which is the highest since October last year. 

Site creator Nate Silver said in a tweet on Tuesday: “Trump's disapproval rating has been on the rise again, now up to 54 percent. 

"There were some presidents with lower approval ratings to this point in their first terms, but no president had a higher *disapproval* rating than Trump now has.”

Jimmy Carter was the only president who came close to Trump’s disapproval rating at 52 per cent at day 1,230 of his presidency.

Trump has received heavy criticism for both his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in America and the George Floyd protests, and as a result his disapproval rating has risen.

FiveThirtyEight's data of ratings from other US presidents (Twitter: Nate Silver)

Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama at 1,230 days in office had a 47.1 per cent disapproval rating and a 47.3 per cent approval rating. 

Whereas Trump has a 42.6 per cent approval rating from Americans. 

In comparison to other former US presidents, George W. Bush had a disapproval rating of 49.9 per cent while Bill Clinton’s was 37.5 per cent at this point in office.

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