Double Paralympic champion Kadeena Cox reveals GB team-mate said to her ‘racism doesn’t exist'

Kadeena Cox says she tries to educate her team-mates about racism
Kadeena Cox says she tries to educate her team-mates about racism (PA)
9:26am, Wed 10 Jun 2020
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British athlete Kadeena Cox has revealed a team-mate said to her ’racism does not exist’.

Cox, who is a double Paralympic champion, says the comment highlights that education is paramount if change is to take  place.

She told Sky Sports: "I think people don’t really understand what racism is on all different levels and people don’t understand that racism happens on a daily basis.

"I remember earlier in the year one of my team-mates, we were having a conversation, and he said ’racism doesn’t exist’. And I was like ’I literally have to deal with it every single day’ and it baffled me that he thought that.

"But he’s grown up as a white middle class male, so it’s kind of that ignorance is bliss, he’s not aware of it, it doesn’t affect him.

“And that’s the thing, people aren’t aware of it so now we’ve got the stage, we need to make people aware of all the things we have to deal with and that’s how you make people realise actually we need to make a change.”

Cox has been vocal on social media about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement in recent weeks since protests began following the death of George Floyd.

The runner and a cyclist two gold medals at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. 

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