22 November 2019

Dublin football manager Mick Bohan calls for women's game to be 'under one umbrella' to enable greater progress

Dublin's Gaelic football manager Mick Bohan has said that the lack of unity between the GAA and Camogie is halting the progress of the women's game.

Bohan led his side to a third successive All-Ireland ladies championship this year but despite a record attendance of 56,114, the winning coach says changes need to be made to the women's set up, starting with unity of the leagues.

“My feeling is it’ll never be a full success until that happens," said Boha. "It’s a little bit like, at the moment in our game, there’s still a provincial system and we don’t even have any teams in our province this year and we’re still involved in a provincial system.

“Is it because it’s the right thing for the game or because people don’t want to let go of their positions? And I think I’d be very clear on the answer to that. I think equally the same situation exists between Camogie, LGFA and the GAA. What’s the right thing to happen? Without a doubt, to go under the one umbrella,” he said.

The title-winning coach is also a pioneer for the women's game and the need to encourage higher female participation in sport, saying: "Teenage girls are opting out of activities at 16, 17 years of age, more so than their male counterparts. Parents will write notes for a girl much quicker than for a fella. Why? Because she’s a girl.

"If you break the norm, the same as you pack the car to see your daughter play as much as your son, you change the cycle.

He concluded by saying: “We should start off with the same dreams as a parent for your son as your daughter."

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