05 June 2020

Emotional Kate Garraway reveals husband ‘free of coronavirus’ but remains in critical condition due to ‘extraordinary damage’ done to his body

TV presenter Kate Garraway has revealed her husband is free of coronavirus after a 10-week battle with the disease, however she also stressed it has done ’extraordinary damage’ to his body.

Derek Draper, 52, has been fighting COVID-19 since the end of March and has now been in a coma for more than two months.

Speaking about her husband’s horrific ordeal on Good Morning Britain, she said: "(The doctors) have never seen this before. My doctors say to me he is the worst affected person they've had to treat.

"They're looking at damage and have some idea what that would mean if it was caused by something else, but this is an unknown virus ... They said he is one of five cases in the world like this. They call it an evil virus and it is, an evil virus.

"He's still with us. He has fought the most extraordinary battle. But you know, the fact that he is still here and is holding on. I'm just so grateful he's still here. And I've got the option of praying and hoping.

"He is very very sick. And as time goes on, it's a virus, it's a little bit like a computer virus, there seems to be a flicker of hope and then other things emerge and he's fighting that. It's effected him from the top of his head to the tips of his toes.

"He's now COVID free, the fight of the virus has been won. But it's wreaked extraordinary damage on his body and we don't know if he can recover from that ... It is an absolute miracle that he's still here. I wish for one more, if I could just have one more.

"Most of all the doctors around him have just been incredible with a disease that nobody knows how to cure, learning every day. We don't know why it has affected him so badly, I asked why and said 'I guess we'll find out in a few months' and the doctor said said 'try a decade'."

Garraway’s fellow presenters posted their support on social media saying: "Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper has been fighting for his life against coronavirus for nearly 10 weeks. We're sending all of our love and support."

Presenter and friend Ben Shepherd then added: “I’m not sure what the right words are so simply thank you for all your messages of support and love to Kate Derek and the kids, it means so much."

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