08 April 2020

Emotional Linda Lusardi chokes back tears as she describes the moment she thought she'd die from coronavirus

Linda Lusardi  broke down in tears today as she recalled the moment she thought she was going to die from the coronavirus.

The  actress and former model and her husband Sam, 51, tested positive for the virus and Lusardi, 61, was left in intensive care fighting for her life.

Her son Jack, 20, had to watch his parents being taken from home in an ambulance.

Lusardi, speaking on Good Morning Britain, said: "Two lady ambulance drivers came, did some tests and I'd got zero oxygen in my blood and tested Sam and said his was really bad as well. My poor son watched as we were marched out of the door with paramedics.

"It was absolutely horrendous and I thank God that I’m one of the lucky ones who came through it.

"Sam and I were both in A&E and at one minute we were both looking at each other thinking, 'are we gonna make it through this?'

"The second night I was there, I tested negative first of all, a doctor came in and was washing his hands and I said 'are you getting me through this?' and he was like 'I'll be honest with you, I can't promise you, you're 61 and we don't know what we’re dealing with, and I thought: I’ve had it."

Lusardi and her husband Sam both had the coronavirus (PA Images)

Lusardi then went on to describe what, at the time, she thought was the last conversation she would have with her husband.

"I rang Sam and I said, 'you better come up because I dunno if I’m gonna make it'.

"He held my hand and said, 'you can’t give up, you have got to think about the children, they can’t lose their mum'.

"It helped, it made me stronger."

An emotional Lusdardi then issued a stark warning for those still not listening to government advice, saying: "If you're socialising with people, you might get the germs mildly yourself, but you might give them to your mother, your sister, do you want them to go through that?"

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