Ex-England rugby star Brian Moore compares Emily Scarratt to kicking legend Jonny Wilkinson

<p>England’s Scarrratt draws praise from Brian Moore</p>

England’s Scarrratt draws praise from Brian Moore

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21:38pm, Thu 17 Dec 2020
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Former England rugby star Brian Moore has compared Red Rose Emily Scarratt’s ‘success and kicking’ to that of England legend Jonny Wilkinson.

Scarratt is vice-captain of the Red Roses with one World Cup title under her belt and the centre is targeting another in the tournament next summer.

Scarratt was the top scorer at the 2020 Women’s Six Nations


Moore wrote in The Telegraph: "Scarratt copes with the stress and loneliness that bears down on the players who, unlike every other position in the team, performs a crucial task on her own. The concentration of the whole stadium is directed her way and she has nowhere to hide and no one to blame if it goes wrong.

“Scarratt’s success and the kicking role lends itself to a comparison with England legend Jonny Wilkinson, but when you look at both players there is an essential difference. Wilkinson is a self-confessed addict who followed the strictest of lifestyles, without diversion."

Wilkinson won the World Cup with England in 2003


And Scarratt added she agrees she and World Cup winner Wilkinson differ in their approaches to the game.

“Jonny is totally different to how I approach stuff. Lots of people who have made it to the top of their sport have different psyche, which fascinates me. 

"There are always things that drive you, there’s no huge big demons, there are just little things you learn from. I’m good at letting go and moving on to the next thing.”

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