20 December 2023

How the inflation rate has changed for everyday goods and services

20 December 2023

Inflation continued to slow for many goods and services last month, led by a fall in the cost of petrol and diesel, along with an easing of the rate for a range of everyday groceries including bread, eggs, pasta and soft drinks.

A handful of items saw a jump in rate of inflation, however, such as coffee, crisps and olive oil, official figures show.

The average cost of petrol was down year-on-year by 7.7% in November, a larger fall than the drop of 5.2% in October, reflecting the decrease in prices last month.

It is a similar picture for diesel, where prices were down 15.4% in the year to November compared with a drop of 11.8% in the year to October.

The average cost of a second-hand car was down 5.4% year-on-year in November, steeper than the drop of 3.6% in October, while low-fat milk was down 3.0% year-on-year in November compared with a fall of 1.8% in October.

Bread saw a particularly sharp slowdown in inflation, with the average price up 3.2% in the year to November compared with a jump of 8.5% in October.

Sugar, pizza and quiche, air travel and frozen vegetables all saw inflation at least three percentage points lower in November compared with October, according to the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Items where inflation accelerated in the year to November include children’s footwear (up 12.2% compared with a rise of 8.1% in October) and frozen seafood (up 8.9% compared with 5.8%).

Here is a list of examples of how the CPI inflation rate has slowed, ranked by the size of the month-on-month change, starting with the largest.

Two figures are listed for each product or service: the average rise in price in the 12 months to October, followed by the average rise in price in the 12 months to November.

Sugar: Oct 49.6%, Nov 40.4%Bread: Oct 8.5%, Nov 3.2%Passenger air travel: Oct 7.9%, Nov 3.3%Eggs: Oct 17.1%, Nov 12.9%Cinemas, theatres, concerts: Oct 4.7%, Nov 0.9%Soft drinks: Oct 7.7%, Nov 4.7%Pizza & quiche: Oct 5.1%, Nov 2.1%Cheese & curd: Oct 9.7%, Nov 7.1%Jams, marmalades & honey: Oct 5.1%, Nov 2.6%Cookers: Oct 6.9%, Nov 4.8%Tea: Oct 15.1%, Nov 13.1%Passenger train travel: Oct 6.9%, Nov 5.0%Rice: Oct 9.0%, Nov 7.2%Fresh or chilled fish: Oct 11.3%, Nov 9.9%Men’s clothes: Oct 5.6%, Nov 4.2%Low-fat milk: Oct -1.8%, Nov -3.0%Ready-made meals: Oct 8.6%, Nov 7.5%Sauces, condiments & herbs: Oct 20.6%, Nov 19.7%Pasta & couscous: Oct 9.1%, Nov 8.2%Meat: Oct 9.0%, Nov 8.2%Chocolate: Oct 11.8%, Nov 11.2%Men’s footwear: Oct 5.5%, Nov 5.1%Women’s clothes: Oct 7.6%, Nov 7.2%Children’s clothes: Oct 6.9%, Nov 6.7%

Here are examples where the rate of inflation has accelerated, ranked by the size of the month-on-month change, starting with the largest.

Yoghurt: Oct 10.9%, Nov 17.4%Children’s footwear: Oct 8.1%, Nov 12.2%Olive oil: Oct 50.2%, Nov 53.9%Frozen seafood: Oct 5.8%, Nov 8.9%Fruit & vegetable juices: Oct 10.9%, Nov 13.6%Crisps: Oct 11.4%, Nov 12.8%Fresh or chilled fruit: Oct 4.9%, Nov 6.0%Coffee: Oct 9.5%, Nov 10.2%Margarine & other vegetable fats: Oct 1.3%, Nov 1.6%Women’s footwear: Oct 1.7%, Nov 2.0%

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