First arrivals at military barracks converted to house Channel migrants

Migrant Channel crossing incidents
Migrant Channel crossing incidents (PA Wire)
20:56pm, Mon 21 Sep 2020
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People have begun arriving at a military barracks that is being used to house Channel migrants.

The first of up to 400 people were seen arriving at Napier Barracks in Folkestone, Kent, on Monday evening.

The arrivals are believed to be migrants who may have crossed the Channel aboard small boats.

Some were observed travelling in a taxi as they approached the makeshift accommodation.

Migrant Channel crossing incidents (PA Wire)

Earlier on Monday, people were seen unloading electrical equipment including vacuum cleaners and TV screens at the MoD site.

Police officers were shown around the barracks on Monday afternoon.

Napier Barracks, one of several at the Shorncliffe Army Camp, was selected to house migrants while their asylum claims are processed.

The plans were met with criticism, including from local MP Damian Collins who says he “cannot support” the decision and called on the Home Office to find “more suitable” accommodation.

Migrant Channel crossing incidents (PA Wire)

It is understood that a military barracks in Wales is also being considered for housing migrants.

The two sites are part of the MoD training estate, PA understands.

Any training will be relocated to alternative sites or rescheduled, so there will no military personnel on site if and when they are used by the Home Office.

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