Government’s unbelievably sexist lockdown poster showing woman reclining in man’s lap, doing housework and looking after children, is dropped

Coronavirus – Thu Jan 28, 2021 (PA Media)
14:09pm, Thu 28 Jan 2021
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The Government has withdrawn a “stay home, save lives” poster following backlash over its apparently sexist depiction of women.

The poster showed one picture of a woman reclining in a man’s arms on the sofa followed by three images of women looking after children and doing housework.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “It has been withdrawn and removed from the campaign.

“I will make clear that it does not reflect the Government’s view on women which is why we have withdrawn it.”

Asked whether the infographic was checked before being produced the spokesman said: “We have provided and have produced information throughout the pandemic to try and ensure that we can communicate our key messages, specifically around the importance of staying at home to protect the NHS and to save lives.”

The spokesman was unable to say who produced the image.

The image sparked fury online, with Kate Jarman, an NHS manager, saying: “What the actual WOMEN DO MORE THAN CHILDCARE AND HOUSEWORK is this?”

Pragya Agarwal, a data scientist, said: “Who made this? And who approved it?

“Heteronormative. Reinforcing the view that it is a woman’s job to homeschool, clean, do the childcare.

“Are the men out there fighting a war or something?”

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