Idea of faeces in bed ‘absolutely disgusting’

Court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of actress Amber Heard (Elizabeth Cook/PA) (PA Wire)
17:36pm, Tue 21 Jul 2020
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Amber Heard has said the suggestion she left faeces in the bed she shared with Johnny Depp is “absolutely disgusting”.

Giving evidence in her ex-husband’s libel action against News Group Newspapers (NGN) the 34-year-old actress said it is “unimaginable” that one of her friends left the excrement, and that she “can’t fathom what adult would ever do such a thing”.

The court has previously heard that faeces were found in the bed at the couple’s penthouse in Los Angeles’ Eastern Columbia Building the day after Ms Heard’s 30th birthday party in April 2016.

Ms Heard claims Mr Depp was violent towards her on the night of the party, which he denies.

The video deposition of Amber Heard in US proceedings, which was referred to as an exhibit in the hearing of Johnny Depp’s libel case against the publishers of The Sun and its executive editor, Dan Wootton, at the High Court in London (PA) (PA Media)

Mr Depp, 57, told the court it was “a mystery” who defecated in the bed, adding he was “convinced” Ms Heard “or one of her cohort” was involved in the so-called “defecation incident”.

On Tuesday, Eleanor Laws QC, asked Ms Heard about meeting with her friend Raquel (Rocky) Pennington, the morning after her birthday party, and it was put to her that there was “excitement” because she was going with a group of friends to Coachella festival.

The Aquaman actress appeared emotional as she said: “Of course not, I could not have been excited, my husband had beaten me up on my 30th birthday.”

She added: “No, I was heartbroken.”

Ms Laws then asked: “And you left on the bed some human excrement, didn’t you?”

Actor Johnny Depp leaves the High Court (Aaron Chown/PA) (PA Wire)

Ms Heard appeared teary-eyed as she said: “Of course not, that is absolutely disgusting.”

Ms Laws asked if any of Ms Heard’s friends left the excrement in the bed, to which the actress replied: “Of course not, that is unimaginable to me.”

Ms Laws then asked about the couple’s dog’s problems with toilet training, and Amber Heard said it was a “common occurrence since she was a puppy, since the weed”.

Ms Heard explained that, when one of the dogs was a puppy, it ate some of Johnny Depp’s cannabis.

Ms Laws then asked if Mr Depp’s housekeeper, Hilda Vargas, would “clean up after them fairly regularly”.

Ms Heard said: “She did clean up after them occasionally but as far as Boo, Johnny’s dog’s accidents in bed when that would happen, either sometimes on Johnny – she liked to cuddle with Johnny – or not on Johnny, I would clean that up because I thought that it was… I would never just leave that for the housekeeper to clean up.”

Ms Laws said Ms Vargas “knew the difference between the mess they made” and human faeces, and asked Ms Heard if Ms Vargas was wrong.

Ms Heard replied: “I don’t know what she’s wrong about, but I can’t imagine, frankly, I can’t fathom what adult would ever do such a thing.

“I don’t think that’s funny, I don’t think that’s even something that could be called a prank.

“I can’t imagine what kind of human being would have a sense of humour like that, other than Johnny, but I don’t think that’s funny, I think it’s horrific.”

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