Made in Chelsea star Ashley James announces she is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Tom Andrews

Ashley James and partner Tom are expecting their first baby (Instagram: Ashley James)
17:33pm, Mon 27 Jul 2020
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Former Made in Chelsea star Ashley James has announced she is expecting her first child with her partner Tom Andrews.

The DJ and influencer decided to release the news in Hello magazine and posed for baby bump shots while in France at Andrews’ parents house.

She posted a photo from the shoot to Instagram and captioned it: “I'm beyond excited/nervous to finally be able to share our incredibly happy news with you all - especially given I'm an open book who HATES keeping secrets.”

She added when speaking to Hello she has never been maternal.

“It's been such a 360-degree shift for me. I've never been that maternal,” she said.

"When friends have been like 'I want to meet someone, settle down and have children,' I never felt the same. I guess I've been a free spirit."

And one area that has divided opinion for the couple is a baby name.

She said: "I like wild hippy names, the kind of names that A-list celebrities call their kids, and everyone's like: 'What?' and Tommy's like: 'I don't think so.'"

The pair have been together since October but have been friends for ten years.

James has previously spoken about their relationship and has said being single for six years prior to being with Andrews has allowed them to have an ‘independent relationship’.

She wrote on Instagram: "Being on my own for so long and the adventures and self love I picked up on the way enabled me to attract the first truly healthy relationship I’ve had. 

"It’s Drama free. I used to depend on someone else for my happiness, which meant I needed control so I’d be jealous or play games – or allow others to do that with me. 

“I don’t NEED a relationship for my happiness, which means it’s an independent relationship. We don’t hold each other back or stop each other from seeing friends and having a life without the other.”

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