Man accused of killing Trainspotting T2 actor denies seeing weapon

Bradley Welsh shooting scene
Bradley Welsh shooting scene (PA Archive)
16:55pm, Wed 05 May 2021
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A man accused of murdering a Trainspotting T2 actor has denied ever seeing a gun alleged to have been used in the killing.

Bradley Welsh, 48, was fatally shot at his flat in the west end of Edinburgh on April 17 2019.

Sean Orman, 30, had pleaded not guilty to all 15 charges against him, including murder, attempted murder, firearms and drugs offences, and is on trial at the High Court in Edinburgh.

The Crown removed 13 of the charges from the indictment on Wednesday, including assault, drug and driving offences.

Judge Lord Beckett told him he had been acquitted of these allegations.

Orman remains charged with murdering Mr Welsh and the assault and attempted murder of David McMillan in March 2019.

The accused described his involvement in the inquiry as “bad luck from start to finish”.

The court heard he had lodged an alibi through his lawyers in June 2020 which said he was not at the scene of the shooting in Chester Street as he was on the A71 riding a motorbike.

He then changed this on April 14 2021 to him being on a bicycle between Longstone, Edinburgh, and Kirknewton in West Lothian.

Giving evidence on Wednesday, Orman said: “I didn’t want to tell you before my trial.

“I wanted to keep it as close to my chest as possible.

“My hand was forced to give part of my alibi so I threw them on a different path.”

The court previously heard from Dean White, who said he told Police Scotland that Orman was going to be paid to attack Mr Welsh and had a shotgun around a month before the incident.

Bradley Welsh shooting scene (PA Archive)

The trial heard statements given by Mr White matched evidence alleged to have been used in the killing, including the weapon, vehicle and equipment.

Richard Goddard QC, advocate depute, said: “He can’t predict the future.”

Orman claimed Mr White had been lying and replied: “He might have a crystal ball.”

The trial heard Orman became aware of a shotgun being linked to him and the killing in September 2020.

He said: “I have never seen it in my life.”

Defence counsel Ian Duguid QC said: “On April 17 2019 had you been on Chester Street in a Ford Kuga and shot and murdered Bradley Welsh?

Orman replied: “No.”

The court was told Orman had been in a vehicle matching that description earlier that day and was then told to collect a car from the Kirknewton area of West Lothian.

It was heard he cycled from his mother’s home to the location during Channel 4 News but there was nothing for him to collect.

He said: “I remember I wasn’t happy that night, I had been left in Kirknewton.

“I wouldn’t get paid and I had been sent on a dummy run.”

Orman also told the court he had not heard of Mr McMillan until the trial got under way.

The 30-year-old denied being at a property in Pitcairn Grove, Edinburgh, on March 13 2019 when the attempted murder was said to have taken place. He said he could not recall where he was.

Orman said: “I can’t remember, I have no reason to remember.”

He claimed to have got involved with being paid to move stolen cars by a man he had met in prison, known as Omar, after his release in February 2019.

Orman had received a five-year jail term for assault and robbery at bookmakers, the court has heard.

Mr Goddard said: “You have told a story to try and explain away what’s a whole range of pieces of evidence against and in relation to both incidents.

“It’s not just all bad luck and incredible coincidence.

“You shot and murdered Bradley Welsh.”

Orman replied: “I can assure I never shot anyone.”

The trial continues on Thursday.

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