12 November 2020

Man City boss Gareth Taylor wants someone who will ‘fight for equality’ to replace Greg Clarke

Manchester City manager Gareth Taylor is hoping someone who will ‘fight for equality’ replaces FA chairman Greg Clarke.

Taylor said: "I suppose [I want to see] someone who's fair and someone who's going to fight for these rights, fight for equality. I think I’ve been blown away by the people within the sport who really want to take this to the next level and it rightly deserves that.

“There's a lot of people putting a lot of hard work in and unfortunately we've had some comments that have gone against the grain with that, especially about the goalkeepers which I thought was, considering the amount of quality we've seen in the last few weeks with the goalkeepers in the women’s game, a bit concerning.”

Among Clarke’s comments was that he had been told by a women’s coach that the reason there was a lack of female goalkeepers was they didn’t like being hit by the ball.

Taylor added: “I just want someone who's fair and someone who's going to fight for the equality and to make sure that we are getting really well considered and we are fighting hard like we are this weekend. 

"There’s a hell of a lot of people making sure the women’s game is celebrated this weekend and I think the amount of exposure is increasing month by month, this is the way the game is going.”

Women’s Football Weekend sees the women’s game being promoted during this weekend’s international break for the men.

City face Manchester United on Saturday and Taylor says: “It will be a great occasion, one that I'm really looking forward to. I think it's a good game for us, they're currently at the top at the moment but there’s no medals in November unless they’ve changed the rules.

“There's plenty more opportunities to come this season, teams are going to take points off of one another, they'll be some really important games and some important moments. This is a big one at the weekend and one we are looking forward to.”

And he is pleased at the increased profile of the women’s game.

"I think there is good coverage, I've seen a big change even since I started the job. I've been fortunate enough in my previous role to really see up close the amount of change happening in the women's game in terms of the professionalism, in terms of the quality of pitches, in terms of the exposure.

“I've seen it in starting the job in the first few months that that is also really rising and again this a great weekend and a real focus on the women's game. We have the unfortunate part where supporters can’t share that with us which would have made it extra special but I think the fact the games are being staggered, people can watch and I'm sure out supporters will be cheering us on from home.”

United v City will kick off at 12.30pm on Saturday and all the action will be brought to you live, here on NewsChain.

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